Six dead in nursing home shooting

  1. Six dead in nursing home shooting

    MOORE COUNTY (WTVD) -- Police confirm six people are dead after a shooting at an assisted living facility in the town of Carthage.
    The incident happened around 10 a.m. on Sunday. Carthage Police were called to Pinelake Health and Rehabilitation Center in reference to a shooting.

    Police confirm six people are dead and three are injured. A police officer and the shooter are among the injured.

    Carthage Police Department Chief Chris McKenzie describes the shooter as an "adult male." He says the shooter walked into the facility around 10 a.m. McKenzie says the shooter was not a patient at Pinelake Health and Rehabilitation Center.
    No other information is being released at this time.
    Firsthealth Moore Regional Hospital tells Eyewitness News several people have been shot and transported to the hospital.
    The hospital is currently on lockdown. No one can enter or leave the Pinehurst facility. Gretchen Kelly with the hospital states the first shooting victim arrived by ambulance at 10:34 a.m.
    A witness says he saw the police officer airlifted from the scene sometime between 10:30 and 11 a.m.
    Multiple police units are on the scene surrounding the nursing home including the Moore County Sheriff's Department, Vass Police, Robbins Police and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.
    This is a developing story.

    What the heck man...

    Can't even go to work without some arse shooting at you.

    Absolutely. Disgusting. Horrific. Saddening. Ugh.
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  3. by   truern
    Lord have mercy!! That's practically in my back yard
  4. by   Valerie Salva
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    Holy cats!

    Something is VERY wrong with the world when someone just walks into a place where vulnerable people are and starts shooting randomly. And as un-politically correct as it sounds, this is one of those times when I wish some staff member or visitor had been armed so the shooter could have been taken out before he had a chance to do so much damage.

    Lord be with the families of those killed and wounded.
  6. by   ktwlpn
  7. by   lpnjoe60
    I notice many deficiencies in the security in alot of the nursing homes that I visit. Hospitals are guilty of this as well. As long as you are goodlooking and well dressed you can walk in anywhere and everywhere.
  8. by   winsome08
    People need to take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming others for the fix they are in. Yes, the economy is bad, people losing jobs, homes, cars and family; why not seek help at a shelter and volunteer your services for food or barter? Taking a human life is not going to fix what is wrong in your life. We need to pray for the families affected and if there are people on this site who can be of assistance, do be afraid to ask if you can help in anyway. God bless.
  9. by   lilbeans
    so sad
  10. by   ktwlpn
    I've read that the victims were residents.There is going to be a press conference soon.What a mess....No security in the 225 bed facility I work in-we have 2 wings and numerous unlocked doors all day...I worked in a nursing home years ago in which something pretty bad happened-(no one died but it was bad) The admin had bars on the doors and panic buttons at all of the nurses stations installed within 48 hours-too late for the women whom were taken outside and raped-leaving the residents un-attended.
  11. by   it's hot in phoenix
    omg- this is so sad and I just heard on newsbreak that 2 more just died=8 total and they just identified one as a nurse, my prayers go to all of them and their family's. Is there anywhere safe?
  12. by   afranklin

    Have mercy on us all and please everyone, pray for these families.
  13. by   CinnScorpStudent
    When things don't make sense, such as motive I can't help but think of this link: Time will tell with this story as well.

    Secure environments and armed gaurds/some staff should be common sense.
  14. by   fortune-teller
    It is 8 deaths now.
    One of them is a nurse.
    May I have a moment of silence.
    She is a fallen comrade.