Seven Medical Labs Accused of Medi-Cal Fraud

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    Nice! Kudos to the whistle-blower!!

    Seven private medical laboratories have defrauded the Medi-Cal program of hundreds of millions of dollars by systematically overcharging the state by as much as 400% for blood, urine and other lab tests, state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown said Thursday.

    Brown plans to announce a civil lawsuit today against the companies, five of which are in Los Angeles. The suit aims to recover at least $100 million worth of the excessive charges paid by the program, which provides health services to the poor.,1221111.story
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    I've said it before ... for every dollar scammed by a lowlife working the system, greedy vendors are stealing hundreds. Where is the outrage against them?
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    We all end up paying for fraud.

    Medicare and Medicaid lose an estimated $60 billion or more annually to fraud. (Miami Herald, August 11, 2008)

    People's Attitudes About Fraud.


    • Nearly one of four Americans say it’s ok to defraud insurers, says a survey by the consulting firm Accenture Ltd.

    • Nearly one of 10 Americans would commit insurance fraud if they knew they could get away with it.

    • More than one of three Americans say it's ok to exaggerate insurance claims to make up for the deductibles.

    • Nearly one of three physicians say it's necessary to game the health care system to make up for perceived reimbursement shortages. Journal of the American Medical Association (2000)

    • One of 10 physicians has reported medical signs or symptoms a patient didn't have in order to help the patient secure coverage for needed treatment.
    Vendors: statistics aren't in yet.

    Then there's all the other types of insurance fraud: auto, arson, disability, false claims, workers comp....
    Reading this could make an honest person feel like a sap.
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    It ain't just insurance fraud. There's also a large amount of tax fraud and welfare fraud.

    Integrity is in short supply...
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    Quote from Stanley-RN2B

    It ain't just insurance fraud. There's also a large amount of tax fraud and welfare fraud.

    Integrity is in short supply...
    (emphasis mine)

    Even in the President's Administration and Cabinet.
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    I totally agree that as far as fraud goes there is a lot more going on at the top than at the bottom. I've heard said that you can steal way more with a pen a briefcase than you can with a gun and getaway car.
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    Our tax dollars at work!!

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