Senate Investigates JACHO Big Pharma Pain Link

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    Read article below first.

    I always thought something was fishy the way hospitals were mandated by JACHO to make pain a priority. My Admission assessment have an entire tedious section devoted to pain. It asks whether the pt experienced pain within the last three months. It seems determined to find pain that requires treatment. Then we also have a two hour round form that compels us to ask about pain. We also screen for pain with vital signs. There are admission and discharge pain literature that have to be completed and given to the pt. Needless to say a lot of pts are addicted to pain meds. They even admit to as much. Doctors are routinely reported for not adequately treating pt's pain. I have heard pts tell the doctor they want a pain med they saw advertising on tv. All this give the upperhand to pts seeking pain meds, because pain is subjective (though I have heard a fed up doctor tell a narc seeker that she was not in pain). Not enough is being done to educate pts on the risks of these highly addictive meds (14,800 overdose deaths in 2008, more than heroine and cocaine combined!). I have also witnessed pt's become addicted before my eyes because they were not aware of the potency of these drugs that some doctors frivolously prescribe.
    So JACHO a private non profit is linked with other so-called pain advocacy groups for investigation into improper dealings with big pharma in regards to opioids. My bet is that money was changing hands, as always.
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    Let's not forget this recent article:
    Prescription Painkillers: Record Number of Americans Pain Medication - ABC News

    "The United States makes up only 4.6 percent of the world's population, but consumes 80 percent of its opioids -- and 99 percent of the world's hydrocodone, the opiate that is in Vicodin."

    I find it highly likely that big Pharma had a lot to do with the focus on pain since 2001!
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    I guess Im in the school that a little bit of pain is ok.
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    This doesn't make sense to me because all of the pain meds we use have been generic forever- mostly morphine and oxycodone.
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    I started out over 15 years ago as a pharmacy tech in a hospital and remember well the investigation that was done to catch a night time supervising nurse stealing demerol out of autoject syringes and replacing it with saline. I have worked for orthopaedic surgeons and seen some prescribe oxycontin (meant to be end of life pain med b/c it is so addictive) like water and others responsibly explain to patients that some pain is normal for the healing process and they can deal with it. My husband is a Police Sgt in the projects of a very large city that we live OUTSIDE of.

    It is ridiculous. No one wants to take responsibility for any of it, not for themselves or the role they play in looping others into addiction. It is a sign of the times and our society. Take no responsibility for anything and if anyone tries to make you...take a pill for your discomfort! ugh!

    Two C-sections later I had ONE prescription for percocet (30 pills) filled and never used it all. I believe that if you use pain medicine it dulls your body's natural ability to deal with pain. I also want to be alert and feel if something is going really wrong so that I can get treatment for the cause...not the pain! my soap box. I am a BSN student now...but obviously plan on being nurse ratchet when it comes to handing out pain meds. My patients probably won't like me much.
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    This for pain level below 4, that for pain level 4-7, and X for pain level 7-10
    --thats 3 different drugs, Q3 - enjoy dear patient for you're in for a life-long #s manipulative tricks to get em all 3 again NEXT time.. in 2 days post your D/C or sooner.
    (Sorry I dont mean it AS harsh as above but you get the idea!!)
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    Quote from kellyski my soap box. I am a BSN student now...but obviously plan on being nurse ratchet when it comes to handing out pain meds. My patients probably won't like me much.
    Yikes. Hopefully you don't end up on a burn or oncology unit.
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    Dirty Hippie Girl....I would never have my patients suffer. Like wise I would not intentionally set someone up on a life time struggle of hurt and addiction either. Using drugs to aid your pain goes hand in hand with teaching coping skills and how to deal with the difficulty that comes with weaning off. Make no mistake about it, I love people and plan on trying to help...not throw prescriptions at troublesome back pain patients in hopes they will go away. Or worse yet, work for one of the doctors I have seen investigated for writing prescriptions with the intent of creating drug rings on the streets. Big difference, so please don't paint me to look like a hard a** and I sincerely apologize if I came off that way to you.
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    Pain doctors and patient groups say that while drug overdoses are a legitimate concern, only a small percentage of deaths involves patients who receive them from their doctors. Most deaths involve illicitly obtained drugs, statistics show.

    The groups also say that patients' risk is low if they do not have addictive personalities, and that any restrictions should not punish patients who suffer from serious pain.

    I just hope hope this doesn't cause more problems for people who live with chronic pain. Too many doctors already under-treat chronic pain. Condemning pain pills because they can be addictive is like condemning baseball bats because they can be used to kill.
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    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl
    Yikes. Hopefully you don't end up on a burn or oncology unit.
    Love the name.

    I'm sure kellyski didn't mean what she said as an absolute - different people do respond to drugs differently of course, so case-by-case is warranted.
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