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Read article below first. I always thought something was fishy the way hospitals were mandated by JACHO to make pain a priority. My Admission assessment have an entire tedious section devoted to... Read More

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    " I have also seen people shaking in pain and denying it. Pain is NOT whatever the person says it is! "

    If pain is not whatever the person says it is, then what is it? Is it the amount of pain that their spouse or significant other or child says it is? Is it the amount of pain that the MD or nurse says it is?

    So if the patient says they have no pain and do not want pain meds do you just give them anyway? Do we, as nurses get to decide that the patient needs the med and then give it without their knowledge or their consent?

    If I have pain, do you, as my ED nurse, get to tell me how much pain I have? Is it different if I have obvious trauma? Will you give me a higher score? What if I say that I have pain 10/10 but my husband says that I am a drama queen, will you just give me tylenol or will you give me something for pain of 10/10?

    I was recently a patient in the ED with acute abdominal pain, I am grateful that they believed my report and treated me with appropriate meds, even though I drove myself to the ED, walked in unassisted, and asked for a beverage and crackers (which they refused).

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