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Read article below first. I always thought something was fishy the way hospitals were mandated by JACHO to make pain a priority. My Admission assessment have an entire tedious section devoted to pain. It asks whether the pt... Read More

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    I wonder if this will lead to alternative forms of pain relief being explored?

    Oh wait... alternative treatments are for the most part free. No money for pharma... nevermind

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    Quote from kellyski
    i started out over 15 years ago as a pharmacy tech in a hospital and remember well the investigation that was done to catch a night time supervising nurse stealing demerol out of autoject syringes and replacing it with saline. i have worked for orthopaedic surgeons and seen some prescribe oxycontin (meant to be end of life pain med b/c it is so addictive) like water and others responsibly explain to patients that some pain is normal for the healing process and they can deal with it. my husband is a police sgt in the projects of a very large city that we live outside of.

    it is ridiculous. no one wants to take responsibility for any of it, not for themselves or the role they play in looping others into addiction. it is a sign of the times and our society. take no responsibility for anything and if anyone tries to make you...take a pill for your discomfort! ugh!

    two c-sections later i had one prescription for percocet (30 pills) filled and never used it all. i believe that if you use pain medicine it dulls your body's natural ability to deal with pain. i also want to be alert and feel if something is going really wrong so that i can get treatment for the cause...not the pain! my soap box. i am a bsn student now...but obviously plan on being nurse ratchet when it comes to handing out pain meds. my patients probably won't like me much.
    long-acting opioids are not just for end-of-life situations. there are people who suffer from debilitating conditions that cause severe pain. what would you have them do? bite on a knotted rag?

    i have cancer. it's in remission right now, but my treatment left me with severe neuropathy, and yes, i am on pain medication. i would be in agony if i were not on medication, but i'm not dying today.

    people have different tolerances for pain. you got through your cs without needing meds. good for you. other people don't tolerate pain as well. your situation was also different. your surgical pain would resolve in a relatively short period of time. other diagnoses don't, and to expect people with chronic disease to paste a smile on their face even though they're in tremendous pain is incredibly naive. when you are a nurse, please don't let your personal views of treating pain color how you care for your patients.
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    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl
    yikes. hopefully you don't end up on a burn or oncology unit.
    ​seriously. kudos to my oncologist and the unit i was on. no one judged me for having pain.
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    Time we did something about prescription narcotics. Healthcare providers get annoyed when people come in looking for narcs, but we've done this to many of them. We're pushers in many cases. I want to scream at many ED doctors I work with "If you hate the drug seekers so much, stop enabling them for Pete's sake!!".
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    Another one who advocates for narcs. I toss 'em out like peanuts when I can get 'em prescribed. A lot of people hurt all of the time. There's no need for it aside from puritanical attitudes. And Phamra, as has been said, makes next to nothing on the opioids.
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    I worked home care for a broke my heart to work with the scores of people who suffer daily in pain, especially the elderly.

    It seems in healthcare we are more afraid of the "drug seekers" than we are concerned about those who are suffering.
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    My father and my uncle died of Colon Cancer. I sat next to both of them through the battle. I also lived with and cared for a dear friend has she died from Breast Cancer. I have not suffered it myself, but advocated as much as any loved one could to be sure they were never in pain...physically anyway.

    The scenario of a burn unit patient or cancer patient has nothing to do with someone who gets caught on the street with a pain prescription bottle of 120 Oxycontins and caught running from the police after selling it on the corner to your kid. The prescription is his, with his name and he has been selling individual pills to anyone with $20. He goes to the ER regularly claiming back pain or to a doc who takes a cut. Do you think this doesn't happen and how does this situation have anything to do with me wanting someone to bite on a rag?

    Yes, I do feel lucky I didn't need as much pain medication, but quite frankly my doctor wouldn't have prescribed much more anyway and that was okay with me, because she had my best interest in mind.

    For the people that NEED pain medication it should totally tick you off that there are doctors, drug dealers and people who are content to vegetate on their couch for no reason or drive around and hit you head on driving down the street that make a mockery of the only thing available to help you with your discomfort. No one, especially me is criticizing your use of pain meds if you need it...IF YOU NEED IT.
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    Usually, and that is usually, hospitalized people do need pain meds for various reasons. MY big concern is the regular PCP who is doling out these pain meds, esp to pregnant women! You would not believe the number of prescription drug withdrawl kids we are seeing. It just seems that no one thinks about it and hands them out like candy...without a thought to what can happen.
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    Everybody can't take NSAIDS (I can't.) Tylenol doesn't help much for many types of pain. If the doctor orders it, and the patient's vitals are ok, then I give the pain med as ordered. I have gotten chewed out by administration for not giving IV dilaudid to someone who was obviously just seeking, with a bogus complaint. Since the almighty patient satisfaction scores are all that matter now, I just go ahead and give them the IV narcotics as ordered by the doctor, unless there is a valid reason not to. If they are a seeker, or addicted, they will simply get it on the street, regardless of what I think. I really don't care what they claim their pain level is, because it almost always is 8 to 10 (so they say.) I have seen too many nurses hold off on pain meds for people with cancer, etc., so if the doctor has ordered it, I give it.
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    I This finding appeals to me on so many levels. Granted I am no longer a young scared nurse that fears JACHO, I love it when they come. The hospital tries to do things that make sense so if you have any good suggestions, just hold them until JACHO is coming. For instance, we have been keeping new oxygen tanks in our dirty utility room and used ones in our equipment room. I have been saying this is gross for years and finally a mock surveyor said it. It is like magic or Christmastime. You get the supplies you have wanted all year. They make time for people to clean and organize and on the day they come you will have a floater to give you lunch. That said, I truly feel they make up some arbritrary crap that just does not work in the real world. That is why I love the idea that they have someone sniffing around behind them forcing them to do ridiculous things and examine theirself for conflict of interest.

    On a completely different level the pain obsession is part of the arbritrary crap they come up with. Pain is a symptom not a disease. How many times have I heard "Is it time for my pain medicine yet?" Reply "It's not schedualed, are you hurting?" Give them that stupid scale. "Oh it's an 11!" This will be the same patient that cries when I swab their arm with alcohal prior to starting their IV. "Do you have to rub that hard? Oh that hurts!"

    Their pain was an 11, when they were talking on the phone eating a sandwich and asking me if it was time yet though. I have back pain. I have missed work because of it before, but I just don't get the point of narcs. I cannot really do anything productive if I am high on Lortab, so why take it. How will it enrich my life? Just take a Motrin or a Tylenol and find a more comfortable position. I have had migraines with pain that leaves me vomiting. If that's a 10 then I can see wanting to take something if you are in the hospital and can just lay around anyway. However, some people are in 10/10 pain but they are also worried about whatever channel they can't find on the hospital TV. I have also seen people shaking in pain and denying it. Pain is NOT whatever the person says it is!
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