Seattle: Fake nurse cuts + steals IV tubing to get hospital pain meds

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    Fake nurse tried to get hospital pain meds

    The Associated Press

    Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 2:43 PM

    SEATTLE - Seattle police are investigating reports that a fake nurse tried to obtain narcotic pain medication from patients' rooms at Swedish Medical Center.

    Detective Jeff Kappel says hospital staff report that one patient saw the woman in his room manipulating a machine that allowed him to administer pain medication. The man's real nurse found that the line from his machine to his body had been cut.

    Kappel says the stranger also walked into another patient's room. After she left, a relative noticed that the machine's lines had been cut.

    The detective says about two feet of tubing may have been taken and possibly some pain medication from the tubes.

    Officers were notified April 17 about the April 13 incidents.
    The Seattle Times reports that the hospital says no patients were harmed

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    THAT takes cojones!
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    We caught someone coming into our hospital and taking fentanyl patches off of patients and using syringes to "Siphon" the IV tubing from PCA pumps and stealing the sharps containers. He posed as a lab person wearing a white lab coat. I never found out what happened to him.
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    That's crazy. People are ridiculous.

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