Sanford Hospital in Fargo ND Offering $15K Signing Bonuses - page 2

Attracting and keeping experienced nurses in a hospital setting is a challenge so challenging that Sanford Health in Fargo is offering sign-up bonuses of $15,000 for registered nurses with at least two years of experience who... Read More

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    Well one is just glad the whole thing is cleared up. Would have hated to know some RN went for an interview and busted into "Call Me Maybe" on my account.


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    Spent two winters in Grand Forks, ND as a student. There were a few days where it was warmer on Mars. I still got to class.

    North Dakota is a hard state to live in. All the hardships of Alaska without any of the beauty.
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    Sanford will hire new grads too, though I don't think they'll get a bonus. Needless to say, North Dakota hospitals are the only hospitals I have received call backs within a few days of filing my application. That includes Sanford.

    Just came back from visiting North Dakota too for interviews. It will take a while to get used to cows, corn, cows, and more corn. I dread the winters, although from what I heard from locals, last year's winter was mild. Fargo was the nicest city in North Dakota, and there's more housing there than in other cities. I hope for offers from the hospitals I interviewed with.

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