Saint Vincent's Hospital NYC Leaves Bankruptcy Court

  1. Aside from a contract to provide military healthcare (Tricare) and a fund to pay malpractice claims there is nothing left but memories. Everything else has been shut, sold, shuttered, transferred, terminated or otherwise disposed.

    In case anyone not in NYC wishes to know, am down that way often and as of two weeks ago the campus is one large construction site. Work is proceeding apace to turn the Seventh Avenue buildings into luxury housing. The chapel according to media reports is being moved to a Catholic hospital in New Jersey that has agreed to take it. Never knew this but the modern hospital's buildings were actually built around the chapel.

    Part of the campus (the former nurse's residence) has already been turned into luxury housing and sold out for record prices. If that is any indication of things to come the Rudin family should do well on their investment.

    *RIP* Saint Vinny's (1850-2010)
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