RN Mom kills 6 week infant through breastmilk

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    Wow. http://news.msn.com/crime-justice/sc...eding-overdose

    RN Mother, charged with killing 6 week old newborn through pain killers in her breast milk. Obviously there is a whole lot more we do not know. Very sad. Prayers to infant.

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    I saw this... with her knowledge as a nurse I don't understand why she chose to breast feed... Sad story all around. I wish her husband could have gotten her help before it got this far
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    It doesn't say she was an RN, it says former nurse.

    With the media and public, calling someone a nurse could mean CNA, MA, who knows what.
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    True that. And really, even if she was a nurse - drug addicts rarely think rationally about things.
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    Stephanie Greene, Woman Who Gave Baby Morphine Through Breast Milk, Gets 20 Years

    HuffPost says she had her "nursing license" suspended in 2004. There is only one Stephanie Greene listed with the South Carolina BON on its website and on Nursys and said person has an active RN license. In my state, someone with a suspended or revoked license would still come up in the search so who knows if this person is or ever was a licensed nurse.

    That said, with all the effort she went through to hide her pregnancy so she could continue getting narcs, I wonder why she would even decide to continue the pregnancy...
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    Sticking RN in the title without it actually being true is sensationalizing. It gets old, really old.
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    The article stated, "She was a nurse. She knew how to work the system," Barnette said. "She caused the loss of that child."

    IF what she did was true and IF she was a nurse, I'm not exactly sure how they link not revealing her pregnancy to her PCP and her narcotics use to her OB as being because of some magical inside knowledge that nurses have. I see this kind of behavior every day and it does not require any current or former initials behind a name whatsoever.

    How sad for the baby.
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    This is a result of the liberal narcotic dispensing policies of the last 20-30 years. When I was in nursing school, 22 years ago, I was told the mantra "Always believe your patient's pain". We were taught to NEVER doubt. I knew back then that people were prone to addiction, and opiates were powerful, and made folk 'feel good'. I inwardly questioned the wisdom of doling out narcotics like candy, but went along with the status quo, of course.

    Now we know that what our forefathers and foremothers said was true. We need to control these substances because, they can ruin lives! People need to find other ways of dealing with pain, and be ever so conservative with opiates. Children need to be protected!
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    A huge number of mothers of drug-addicted infants in the NICU choose to breast feed, because (and sorry lactation consultants, here is where I disagree with you) a lot more of the medication than I think they claim, makes it to the baby, therefore your Finnegan score is going to be lower, therefore, baby goes home sooner.

    Mommy doesn't want a screamer on her hands just because the baby is home, so she keeps breastfeeding. I see the same thing happen with mothers who are heavy smokers...the babies calm down after they are breast fed because they get their nicotine fix.

    I do not understand, how any research, can say that narcotics are less harmful than NOT breast breastfeeding. I know of one lactation consultant in a hospital system that if you test positive for drugs, you can do whatever you want with your baby when you get home, they will even freeze and store your breast milk for you, but you won't breast feed your baby while you are admitted.

    With regards to the mother in the news story...I personally feel that if the baby had that much in her system, the mother gave it to her directly just to shut her up.
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    Even though we consider drug addiction a disease the court is treating this addicted person who once was a nurse as a criminal. Which is it - an addiction or not. If you read the article this is totally unfortunate for all involved. This woman lost her profession because she was injured in an auto accident, something that happens to too many leaving people to lives their lives in chronic pain. Then she loses her child and now her freedome. Yet she is still left with severe pain and addiction to pain killers. Proscecutors can say anything to win a conviction but it does not make it true. If the article is correct it does not sound like this was intentional at all.
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