RI to use student loans to encourage nursing - page 3

Hmmm. This is nice and all, but makes me wonder if they are really addressing the "not hiring new grads" problem that leads to them leaking out of the state.... Read More

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    That is a big joke. I graduated from The University of RI IN 2009 And hasn't been able to secure an actual nursing job (most of my jobs have been through staffing agencies to group homes) I have applied everywhere and everyone wants experience. One of my friends graduated 2010 and has not been able to get a job either! Seems like a plan that will set people to fail!!!!
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    Quote from tryingmyhardest
    Seems like a plan that will set people to fail!!!!
    Welcome to Rhode Island.

    We're getting close to election time....Chafee had to do something. He's just a tad bit out of touch with the reality of life here.

    I think this could be a great idea....but like everyone has said; what happens when everyone graduates? And we have to STAY in RI? This is a ridiculously small state. Nice thought, just not....thought out.
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    Wow, Are things this bad in R I for Nursing students I just finished my pre -reqs at CCRI and put my application in to start
    Jan 2012. Am I wasting my time and money?
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    I agree......I may have to leave and I have aging parents here to take care of plus 2 kids in college and I am a single parent. When I went back to college to become an RN there were jobs with bonuses for new grads. Now my graduating class is struggling from the lack of jobs. I would have left the state already if I was younger.
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