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Retired nurse injects feces into husband's IV

  1. 1 Better watch your patient's visitors - especially if they start messing with the IV. And I thought I had seen just about everything. Yikes!!!
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    I would have asked her, "You got any Vanco to go with that feces??"
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    What was in the other two syringes I wonder??
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    I've heard of parents with munchausen by proxy doing this to their kids. Just awful.
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    Years ago, in PICU, we had a mother with Munchausen's injecting her little son's IV with feces and other stuff. We suspected it for a while, with his frequent lengthy admissions, but finally caught her in the act. We "transferred" the child to another hospital, but the other hospital knew what we suspected and had already set up hidden cameras in the room he was admitted to. It was all arranged beforehand.
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    I heard of this earlier. I did not know she was a retired nurse though! Awful! I wonder what the husband was in for, and if his initial illness was also caused by her.
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    This is an older story but same situation-- and also the little girl had been put through a lot of surgeries and things that were completely unnecessary. Very sad.

    Mom gets 15 years for hurting daughter - US news - Crime & courts | NBC News
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    What a crappy thing to do.
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    Quote from Krzysztof
    What a crappy thing to do.
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    Wow that is just gross.
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    Sounds like decades worth of bottled rage in a syringe.
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    She probably didn't have Munchhausen's, but rather was just sick of her husband and wanted the life insurance.

    Kudos to the alert nurse who gathered the evidence! That was quick thinking!
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    Ya!!! For the ICU RNs who protected their patient and caught her!