Report; California, Arizona, Illinois, & Ohio States With Best Hospitals

  1. 0 ... The report ranked states and individual hospitals based on data released by CMS between 2005 and 2011.
    Researchers examined data on 4,500 hospitals nationwide, focusing on four key conditions and procedures commonly linked to mortality:
    • Coronary artery bypass graft;
    • Heart attack;
    • Pneumonia; and
    • Sepsis.
    The four conditions and procedures account for 54% of all hospital-related deaths in the U.S. ...
    ... According to the report, patients had a 55% lower risk of dying and a 42% lower risk of having complications when treated in the best hospitals. ...

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    I think superior nursing care is a #1 reason for these hospitals to have fewer complications and deaths.
    I do not think nurses are better in California, Arizona, Illinois, and Ohio.
    California has staffing by acuity with the ratio as the maximum that can be assigned to one nurse.
    Probably the best hospitals have better staffing than the worst.

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