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brownsville - a group of intensive care nurses say they've been suspended, three of them were even fired for being vocal about under staffing at valley regional medical center. linda valdez, a registered nurse says she was... Read More

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    [color=#333333]texas rns condemn retaliation against brownsville nurses for protesting unsafe icu conditions

    [color=#333333]…all seven icu nurses serve as code team nurses and four of the seven are open heart nurses. the staffing shortage in the icu is now being filled by 13 temporary agency nurses who do not share the lost rns' history in the facility or with the patients at the hospital.

    [color=#333333]the nurses were targeted for refusing to accept an additional assignment that in their professional judgment was unsafe and a violation of the texas nursing practice act.

    [color=#333333]hospital management has demanded the nurses, who in the icu provide constant care for the hospital's most severely ill patients, take on additional duties of temporary charge nurse, who make clinical assignments for patients and staff on the floor, and code team assignments, which can require them to rush to other hospital floors to assist with patients - leaving their own icu patients and their icu charge duties behind.

    [color=#333333]we have been asking the hospital to correct this unsafe situation for some time, with no result," said ramiro castillo, rn. "because of our increasing concern for the safety of our critically ill patients, we felt we no longer had a choice but to refuse the additional duties that put our patients at risk."…

    [color=#333333] additionally, the rns blasted the cavalier attitude of the hospital's chief nursing officer for gushing in an e-mail that the threatened firings, which would exacerbate the facility staffing crisis, were "groovy."…
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    Breaking news! Icu nurses nnoc union members have come together as one to make patient care safety issues be heard. Thanks to all who tuned out and those who supported in spirit.
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    Administration doesn't care what the risks are- until it's them or theirs in the bed!! groovy!!
    Kudos to all these nurses for standing up for what is ethical and safe practice.
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    this is the most recent in the “comments” after the article:
    [color=#424242][color=#424242]ctflsbsn said: 1 hour, 16 minutes ago

    [color=#424242]the fact is these nurses were fired for standing up for nurses everywhere. how can anyone call them self a nurse with out standing up for patient's safety.

    i happen to know the nurse who first was suspended, before all other rn's refused the charge assignment, was written up for responding to the rapid response on the floor (one of their additional responsibilities as charge) her pt in the unit became unstable while she was stabilizing the floor pt. she was literally written up for not being in two places at once.

    after that the rest of the rn's refused to take charge.

    the news clip doesn't say all of that making it misleading.

    the concept behind the sticker "firing nurses isn't groovy" is that in an email mistakingly sent to one of the nurses, a conversation between hr and the cno took place. the email states that hr was firing 5 of the nurses. the response from the cno was "groovy" i don't think so!

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