Pt Says Anti-Abortion Staff Removed IUD Without Permission

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    Woman Says Anti-Abortion Nurse Removed IUD Without Permission, Then Lectured Her <~Entire article

    "As Defendant Olona began the procedure, (the plaintiff) felt Olona pull on the strings of the IUD. (The plaintiff) felt a distinct pulling on the strings followed by a sharp pain in her uterus similar to a very strong menstrual cramp.

    "As that happened, Defendant Olona stated, 'Uh oh, I accidentally pulled out your IUD. I gently tugged and out it came.' She then explained, 'I cut the string than went back and gently pulled and out it came. It must have not been in properly.'

    "Olona then stated, 'having the IUD come out was a good thing.' She asked (the plaintiff) if she wanted to hear her 'take' on the situation. Without receiving a response, Defendant Olona stated, 'I personally do not like IUDs. I feel they are a type of abortion. I don't know how you feel about abortion, but I am against them. What the IUD does is take the fertilized egg and pushes it out of the uterus.'

    "Defendant Olona stated, 'Everyone in the office always laughs and tells me I pull these out on purpose because I am against them, but it's not true, they accidentally come out when I tug.'


    "Defendant Olona told (the plaintiff) that is was better that she did not have the IUD because she could now use a "non-abortion" form of contraception. Defendant Olona suggested the deprovera (depo) [sic] shot or the pill, and made clear that she would not insert a new IUD."

    The article erroneously states that the practitioner is an NP. According to the New Mexico Licensing Board, she is a PA.

    I wouldn't think so, but do IUDs actually dislodge with a small tug?
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    I also don't think they come loose after a gentle tug. Since the defendant says everyone in the office laughs about how these IUDs always come loose when its her doing the tugging, it seems pretty likely that this isn't just a coincidence, either.
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    I'm going to PM one of the mods to fix this, but according to the NM licensing board, this woman is a PA, not an NP. The article is incorrect.
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    I really hope she gets everything she's suing for, and mostly gets these fools to cease and desist.
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    Regardless of her personal stance on abortion, if this nurse/PA is removing IUDs without the express permission of the patients, she has been crossing the line into battery.

    It would appear that the plaintiff has a good case, especially with the incriminating remarks made by the defendant, indicating that, a) this "coincidentally" happens often enough to her patients that the rest of the staff has taken notice, and, b) that she is morally opposed to abortion and thinks she has done the patient a favor by "unintentionally" removing an IUD.

    The office she works for ought to be highly concerned about her actions. If they know this is an ongoing problem and they have a history of looking the other way, they could be found at fault as well. I wonder if they absorb the costs if the woman decides she wants another IUD implanted.

    If this case goes against the nurse/PA, she could well lose her license or incur other disciplinary action. As well she should. It isn't her place to force her beliefs--however well-intentioned--on defenseless patients.
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    While I do not agree, in any way, what the actions of the HCP were and she should be sued/disciplined for these "accidents" that keep happening to the same time, since IUD's came back out, I have had friends that have had them put in, and their healthcare provider did not inform them that an IUD will allow for conception to take place...over and over again.

    I am not a religious person, but I believe in keeping abortions down to a minimum. I am against any abortion for any reason past 3 months gestation.

    An IUD is a type of "abortion device", if your definition of one is to terminat the products of essentially, causes a miscarriage that is absorbed by the body or could be passed with a normal menstrual flow..she was very correct on that...but there was probably a more tactful way of explaining that to the patient.

    HCP's, should explain the exact nature to patients, of how these devices work.
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    Somesort of line was crossed here, that was out of line.
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    Regardless of the healthcare provider's attitude on abortion or IUD's, I find her way of joking around about it with the patient very unprofessional. Why would you admitt to the patient that you always seem to "accidentally" knock out IUD's? IMO she was just setting herself up for a lawsuit.
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    Wow, that takes some nerve of that woman! That is the pt's choice what she wants to use as a form of birth control, not the HCP's!! I would feel very violated, both physically and ethically if that had happened to me!
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    Quote from Cindy-san
    I'm going to PM one of the mods to fix this, but according to the NM licensing board, this woman is a PA, not an NP. The article is incorrect.

    I suggest emailing your finding to the newspaper.

    I commend you on your curiosity/inquiry but the MOD does not have the ability to change the article that was printed nor would it really be appropriate for him/her to change the pasted article in this forum. The editing of an authors material is a bit presumptuous and very misleading.
    I have looked up the court document for this case and it states that Olona is an NP. Look at it here.

    You stated you found that Olona is a PA, please provide a link or reference.

    I have also gone to your referenced NM BON and found Olona registered in NM's BON, again differing from your statement. NM BON
    The press won't be 100% right a 100% of the time - but that does not give us the right to edit their words - if you find a discrepancy then hold them accountable .
    If you do find a discrepancy, share your findings with others, instead of leaving it as commentary.
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