Pt gets charged with 3rd Degree assualt for throwing Urine filled bedpan

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    Happen at a local hospital here in Denver. So glad that someone is putting their foot down and making an example that it is in no way ok to hurl your body fluids at someone. It is assault and should be treated as such. Nobody wants your body fluids on them because you cannot go smoke!
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    Seems most of the people making comments (other than the ones taking jabs at each other over...............w/e) understand the patient is in the wrong. I don't think I saw a single "Oh, but he was sick, they should just let it go" comment.

    IDK. Maybe making assertiveness training a part of nursing school would help. Power perceived is power achieved. If you give the impression that you hit back, you'll never have to hit anyone.

    People with low brow mentalities like the bedpan thrower mentioned in the article are typically bullies, they only do that stuff with people who they think will tolerate it.
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    Moral of the story- do not clean up a mess from a patient throwing a bedpan, or whatever, until the police get there.

    Take a picture of the mess with your camera phone, as evidence for the police, and hospital administration, who are more interested in positive patient comments on Press-Gainey, than protecting their staff!

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN, BSN ,CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
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    Just a side note, but I'm thinking the patient who is well enough to repeatedly ask for a cigarette and then throw a full bedpan (presumably he was able to get it out from under himself without spilling?) is READY FOR DISCHARGE.
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    Then I'd probably get disciplined for using my camera phone, lol
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    It'a about time patients are held accountable.
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    Try getting spit on in the face because you can't get all the narcs you want. Saliva in the eye is nasty. Bet the DA won't do a thing
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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    Then I'd probably get disciplined for using my camera phone, lol
    I would be walked out for sure! I'm serious.
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    Never move anything when the police are called. They need to see the scene of the crime. You don't need to take pictures, just make sure they do. Nothing is more powerful in court than pictures.

    I agree with the poster who mentioned assertivness training. Many times we try to make nice (P-G) and what we really need to do is protect our other patients and all staff. I suspect this incident caused a huge distruption in ICU.
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    good on that nurse for calling the police in the first place! hopefully if patients are held accountable for their outrageous behavior, they'll think twice. now lets hope the judge and jury have some common sense and continue to hold this low life accountable!
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