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This is only a taste of what the Rudin family has planned for the former St. Vinny's campus in The Village. IIRC this was one of the former residence buildings and is located at 130 West 12th Street.... Read More

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    Just what NYC needs, more condos for the rich and less service to the poor.
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    Quote from HazelLPN
    Just what NYC needs, more condos for the rich and less service to the poor.
    Quite allot of properties such as these in the luxury end of the NYC real estate market are being snapped up by people from outside the USA or other parts of the country as pied-a-terres. They are also being purchased as homes for *children* attending college in New York and for young adults as their first apartments.

    Rental housing isn't being built and that has pushed average rents way up. Many families with means see a purchase of a NYC condo for use by their children be they in college or recently graduated and moved to NYC to start their careers as a smart investment.
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    I think this is where they are going to put all us old 50 something unemployed nurses that are to young for medicare and social security and too old to get hired in nursing positions. I'm going to keep checking my mail box for my room assignment.I hope they'll let me bring my dog.
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    Quote from That Guy
    No way ever would I live in an old Hospital. I dont like sleeping with ghosts.

    The places look nice though.
    For the record St. Vinny's is not the first NYC hospital nor in Manhattan for that matter that has been closed and turned into residential housing. The famous LeRoy maternity then general hospital was one.
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    This is not the only place this scenario is playing out. I live in the Hudson Valley, upstate NY, and the Hudson River Psych Center has been an institution here for years. Several years back, they began closing it down. The property itself was sold to a developer who had the same bright idea..transform it into expensive condo's (which no one in this area can afford to pay for). The last of the patients (the violent ones, I might add) are now in the process of being shipped out "into the community". People are coming in there at night to steal copper wiring, etc. I heard that NYS had invested quite a bit of money in refurbishing one of the buildings not that long ago and it was state of the art before it was sold and slated to be torn down to make way for the condo's. And new nurses cannot find work?! And yet people who make these crappy decisions still have jobs and make money and can support their families. Of course, sooner or later, psych patients being outsourced (because that is what it is) into the community will either cause some private citizen to be injured (or the poor patients themselves will be injured) and then everyone will be in an uproar. I also understand that Hudson River Psych, to this point, is not quite sure where they will be sending these violent patients. It is my understanding that some group homes actually "bid" for the contracts for these patients. It is really, really disgusting, treating mentally ill people like cattle.

    I was online last night reading about how Spain is dealing with its economic problems. They have run out of money to pay for their equivalent of our nursing homes and for mental health clinics. I guess these facilities will run as long as they can and then shut down, also releasing people into the community. Mark my words, people, if we watch what is happening in Spain and other EU countries, we will know what to expect when it comes to our shores. There will still be work for us nurses but I suspect we will wind up caring for people who were in nursing homes etc in the family's homes and at a much reduced rate as the families will be paying out of pocket. Of course, some families will be caring for their own as well.
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    They did the same in the big city near me- shut down the old state run mental health facility and turn the less threatening(by whose standards- I don't know)into the community at large- they are now called - the homeless.
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    ew I just think of the nosocomial infections... I know it has been gutted and all but..... ew.
    Actually the house I grew up in was some sort of hospital back in its day... according to the neighbor.
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    Nothing in modern healthcare today 2011, whether it be running a hopsital or revitalizing an old hospital building, is about decent health standards, or public wellbeing. It's all about almighty money to benefit the filthy rich 'end user'. Those who can afford to pay for private duty nurses because staffing and care for the general public slobs is so bad, and 1.8 million dollar condo habitats. It's not about us taxpayers who bail out these greed mongers out so they are free to perform some more. It's our tax dollars that are given to subsidize these hospitals when these CEO's cry poor to the state and federal govenrment who in turn hands them over millions of our taxpayer money( we file income tax, state and federal, every April 15 to the IRS and the state we live in, don't we? Federal income tax goes to the federal governement doesn't it? State income tax goes to our state of residence. It is our money that is given these CEO's only for them to not cut their own salaries and cut our jobs and benes, and exclude certain groups- older nurses and new grads, of taxpayers from a job. We're having the screws put to us with our own money) I say new grads because at some point in a new grads life- they had a job, even an after school retail job, or worked in a different line of work.
    I like the reference Josh Brown made to this in his Article: "Wake up Wall Street: Why American hates you and wants you dead": The filthy rich have managed to do an extrordinary thing- Their greed and abuse has awakened a sleeping giant of 300 million Americans from their Entemman's and Zoloft stupor.
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    How nice. Wonder if the people who lost their jobs get preference. I'm sure they can afford them now.
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    The same thing happened to City Hospital number one in St. Louis, MO. They closed this hospital and let the buildings deteriorate for years before turning part of it into beautiful and expensive condos!

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