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Prostitutes retraining as geriatric nurses

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    BERLIN, March 14 (UPI) -- About 30 German prostitutes are giving up working on beds to working with bedpans in a 2-year program to retrain as auxiliary geriatric nurses.

    The program in the western state of North Rhine Westphalia is being funded by the Lutheran Church and the European Union, The Telegraph reported from Berlin.

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    Good for them!!!!! I'm glad that they are trying to change thier life
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    Last time there was a story like this I got one of my German friends to track down the orginal German news article. The truth was very far from what was reported.
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    Rita Kuhn, of the church's welfare program, said most of the women, are finding the transition smooth.

    "They are in general very good at dealing with people, in addition to which they don't get squeamish and have absolutely no fear about touching or being touched," she said.

    Well isn't that all you need to be a nurse? From prostitute to nurse, it's really a natural transition, no?
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    Don't tell me this isn't true! I just sent it to my minister and asked if this is where my missions money went. Uh, I hope his sense of humor is intact tonight. Next thing you know, men will be WANTING to go to German nursing homes. Honestly though, it will probably be a a win/win situation.
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    I just heard about a training program for ex junkies, (specifically needle users) being trained as phlebotomists. Hey, go with your strengths, right? If they can find a vein in a toe, they ought to be really good at this!
    (Heard this from my nursing instructor in Maine.) Anyone else ever hear about this one?
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    Is this a lateral move from one profession to another?
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    hmmm.... that is just all I can say.
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    Quote from SharonH, RN
    Well isn't that all you need to be a nurse? From prostitute to nurse, it's really a natural transition, no?

    Yeah, really lol.

    (I also think that whoever thought of this idea's been watching too many smut movies :stone)
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    Didn't it say a two year program? A lot of American nurses become nurses in less time than that, so what's the problem here?
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    I hope that long term data is available, to see how many go back to prostitution. I am guessing their is more $$ and maybe even respect in the latter.
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    ... wow.
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    If they are looking for respect, wrong turn. They certainly may be more cutstomer oriented