Prostitutes retraining as geriatric nurses - page 4

BERLIN, March 14 (UPI) -- About 30 German prostitutes are giving up working on beds to working with bedpans in a 2-year program to retrain as auxiliary geriatric nurses. The program in the... Read More

  1. by   CrunchRN
    Good for them - I hope it works out and provides them a living that they can feel relatively safe and productive. Why wouldn't anyone support this effort?
  2. by   WSteven1
    Perhaps then we should pull the RN licenses from some of our former students for their 'less than popular' previous occupations prior to/during Nursing School...I was informed that 1-2 in the past, were dancers who used the monies for tuition, books and fees. Another graduate said there is a Chiropractor who works nearby her town that paid her way through Chiropractic School this way...just my $ 0.02 worth...