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  1. by   waxynurse3
    VivaLasViejas, I could have written your post and left running almost a year into a job with the same unfortunate circumstances. And as you posted, I was at a facility well respected by the community. It also appeared once a Resident's care exceeded the needs of the facility (either upon admission or through decline) Hospice was asked to consult. This in my opinion was only a bandaid, as many of hospice services were not continuous and once 6 months hit and the residents were found no longer appropriate for hospice they were back to square one. I am so saddened that this appears to be the norm, not the exception for ALFs in this country. Something has to change.
  2. by   anothergrumpyoldRN
    As a country we have to deal with the fact that:
    Most adults work outside of the there is no caretaker in the home for grandma anymore.
    More adults get to adulthood with chronic and debilitating diseases than they did 50 years ago.
    People are discharged from the hospital earlier than they were 50 years ago.
    People who were once "sick" enough to be in the hospital are now cared for at home.
    The cost of caring for a loved one in the home has sky rocketed with all of the other costs related to health care.
    The wages of the majority of Americans who find themselves in this pickle have NOT risen appreciably.
    Insurance coverage has become more expensive and less comprehensive.

    Most Americans are poor, have been poor recently, or will be poor in the future...we have so little compassion for our neighbors.
  3. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    If you didn't catch the show on PBS, you can watch it online.
  4. by   cjdmomma
    It was a fantastic program. I think i went from shaking and crying to really p!ssed off the whole show.
  5. by   anothergrumpyoldRN
    This thoughtful reporting demonstrates what everyone should know about for profit care of is NOT about the care, it is NOT about the outcomes, it is NOT about the patient...

  6. by   anothergrumpyoldRN
    Don't you love the part where the Emeritus attorney says that Emeritus is "a victim of their success".
    Gee, seems to me like their residents are the victims of their success, right?

    Also interesting that the ONLY remedy or recourse for patients and families is litigation. Of course, we will very soon allow those corporations to limit that remedy through tort reform...most Americans have a sense that this is a good idea, to protect those poor providers. Actually, it is an attempt to protect the profits of corporations exactly like Emeritus, by limiting their accountability and responsibility to the people who pay for the care and service.