Project uses computers to analyze nursing care

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    Nurses at three Aurora Health Care hospitals are turning to technology to reduce costs and speed patient recovery.

    A new project involving Aurora; Cerner Corp., a Kansas City, Mo., health care information technology company; and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will analyze how nurses care for patients and then suggest improvements....

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    I hope some good outcomes are noted with this study. I also hope it takes into account the nurseatient ratio the nurse has that day. So maybe they can note a correlation between patient outcome and nurse patient ratio as well.
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    Please Let Me Know When A Computer Knows Better Than I What A Patient Needs. Let Me Know What Assessment Skills The Computer Has. Can The Computer Palpate, Smell, See Or Hear? I Think Not, So How Can It Tell Me How To Provide Better Care? The Computer Cannot Predict A Patient Outcome And It Never Gets Over Worked Or Short Staffed......SCRAP The Project And Hire More Nurses.

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