Post-Op Nurse Cleared in Fall Lawsuit

  1. Mass. jury rejects elderly patient's accusations of negligent care.
    April 11, 2012

    A Massachusetts jury has rejected an elderly patient's claims that his post-op fall and injury were the result of a nurse's negligent care.

    Herbert Weiss, 80, underwent routine endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery in August 2008. After the procedure, as Mr. Weiss qualified for discharge, nurse Suzanne Francis, RN, closed the curtains around his post-op bay and left him alone to get dressed.

    According to court records, Mr. Weiss attempted to support himself on the arm of a chair, but his left hand was still numb and immobile from the regional anesthesia used during the procedure, and he fell on his left hip, sustaining a fracture that required surgery....
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  3. by   imintrouble
    Mr Weiss must not have had a good enough attorney.
    After all, the fall was not his fault.
    Losing in court could not be his fault either.