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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    A friend took a job as the nurse on the "nurse call line" for an insurance company. She has standard advice she is supposed to give to people who call. It's all on a template and all the advice she gives is approved by her medical director. The advice is basic, or she advises them to go the urgent care or ER. She can also make appointment for people right from her computer. Best of all she does it from home. No commute, no getting dressed up. She had a baby and only took a couple day materity leave. Last time I was over there she was alternating between planting her garden, breast feeding her baby and talking to people via her headset. By now she knows all the approved advice by heart and only needs to log into the computer to make people appointments. This allows her to be anywhere in her house (or yard) doing pretty much anything. She loves it. It's like being a stay at home mom with a good pay check and benifits.
    Last time I talked to her she said they were setting her up with a company cell phone and tablet that would literly allow her to do her job anyplace she could get a cell signal. She is super excited and I am jelous

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