Portraits of an Evolving Profession: Eight Types Of Nurses You Didn't Know About

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    Not sure where this goes since it is a PBS story, or it is news?

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    Very interesting article! I am just going in to nursing school and all the possibilities of where you can go with the nursing profession are very exciting!
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    TY for the reference. Very informative piece. Now if the general media would just get out of the mindset that the only nurses out there to be interviewed for articles are hospital nurses. Maybe it's just my neck of the woods...

    A position that really catches my interest is that of the RN on Channel 6 - Philadelphia. Ali Gorman, RN, does pieces on issues covering anything health-oriented, like allergy season. I'm guessing she'll be commenting on NJ Gov. Chris Christie's bariatric surgery next.
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    Interesting. I question how valid the expected growth of the nursing field R/T the AHA. That said I currently have a nursing job that didn't even exsist when I graduated from nursing school. Full time in hospital rapid response nurse and I love it.
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    Interesting article. PBS and NPR continue to have higher standards than sponsored/commercial media.

    I did find it mildly amusing that they apparently consider a wound nurse to be in the exotic/unusual category.
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    Well....fair. I'm glad they are exploring, but to have another article about the non-existant shortage dupes thousands into thinking this is the job path with yellow brick roads...which simply is NOT true.

    With a 47% unemployment rate in some job markets of new grads it just isn't true....and we have no way of knowing what the affordable care act will do to the job market........for as of right now hospitals have cut staff standards at the bedside and have increased nurse patient ratios.
    There are 3.2 million registered nurses in the U.S., and that will not be nearly enough in coming years as the Affordable Care Act kicks in and baby boomers begin to need more care. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the registered nursing workforce is expected to grow by 26 percent in the years ahead, with a full 1.2 million new nurses needed by 2020.
    A new book called "The American Nurse" looks at the faces and stories behind those numbers, through portraits and essays of more than 75 men and women in several different caregiving capacities.
    This talks mostly about the nurse who wrote the book "The American nurse" and how she labels nurses.....and not "nurses" in general.....but vaguely interesting nonetheless
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    Well, to be fair, they didn't say there's a nursing shortage now, just that there's one projected in the future.

    I really do think fields like home health and subacute/rehab will show red hot job growth by 2020. And this growth really could fuel a shortage of sorts. Especially since all the newbies will view these jobs as "last resort" as they continue to pine for those cool fangled hospital jobs.

    The scary prospect is that the managers of these companies will be only too delighted if new grads poo-poo this kind of work, and theyre "forced" to fill the gaps with unlicensed personnel.

    But, yes, the average Joe reading this article might be fooled into thinking RN jobs are falling off trees only to be disappointed in the end.
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    I used to work with someone whose daughter was a NASCAR nurse at Bristol. She said it wasn't too bad unless there was a wreck--then things would get interesting.

    I'm surprised they've never heard of flight nurses either.

    I'll settle for being the Disneyland nurse when I grow up.
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    The comment section on that article is brutal--good grief! The things people will say when they're hidden behind a screen
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    Notice the "Global Policy Nurse" is the only one in a skirt, heels and pearls? Not to mention surrounded by her very plush living room in what is probably a lovely home. Oh and petting her dog with those nicely manicured hands.

    Am not hating, just sayin! *LOL*
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