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From: USA Today, April 2, 2004 Pope John Paul II has announced emphatically that it is "morally obligatory" to continue artificial feeding and hydration for people in a persistent vegetative state, even if they remain so for... Read More

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    I understand the physiological implications of feeding a dying patient (for example someone with terminal cancer) via a feeding tube but....are all vegetative patients dying ............becuase without nurishment they sure will eventually.
    The pope raises an interesting point......is nutrition basic care and if so therefore a basic human right?
    I read the article and no where did I read that the pope encourages going over people's advanced directives and putting in feeding tubes when the patient states in their directive against such a thing.
    I think this statement could be viewed with a little less focus on the catholic church in itself and more on the point the pope raised. maybe advanced directives need to be more specific.

    As for the whole birth control thing here's the scoop ..... take the pill for example, it's not 100% effective and it works by three mechanisms...preventing ovulation, preventing implantation, and thickening vaginal secretions .. if conception does occurs via failure to prevent ovulation and failure to stop sperm from migrating up vagina.....an abortion could occur through the third mechanism via preventing implantation ... so you still don't get pregnant even though you've ovulated...hence you still could get pregnant on the pill if mechanism three fails.
    all practising christians that I know of Protestant and catholic alike do not agree with abortion as per the BiBle. That's the pill thing. Condoms I haven't figures out .... unless it breaks and you voluntarily go for a therapuetic abortion.

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    Any time you throw the Church (as in Catholic) into a medical discussion--it takes off like a rocket. People react to what happened to them at the hands of Sister Agnes or Father Ivan, or to a divorce or unhappy childhood. They lose total objectivity.
    The USA article states:
    "The pope, in remarks last week that were released in English on Thursday, declared such support ''basic care'' and ''not a medical act.'' He called removal ''euthanasia by omission.''"
    What were the context of the rest of his remarks? Were his remarks taken out of context? Is the writer of the article reading into the Pope's remarks? Were the quotes given taken out of context? Interesting questions to investigate.
    One of the Pope's job discriptions is to teach. Teaching is what infalibility is about. If you want to better understand his teachings, read them, using a Bible, a Catholic Catechism, a good Catholic Encyclopedia. For a short cut study, buy Catholicism for Dummies, written by a couple of guys who are also good teachers.
    As to the tube business.
    We have helped to mislead the public into believing they can live forever-and that they should want to! We have helped to make death unnatural.
    Tubes have their places, and sometimes, patients and families need the extra time they give them to get to the next level of acceptance.
    My job discription as a nurse includes taking care of my patients the best that I can. Not to make their decisions for them or be judgemental of the options they have chosen.
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    I think the pope is past his decision making days... :stone

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