Police Kill 95yo Combative Patient

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    (probably dupe)

    According to an e-mailed press release from Park Forest police, officers were sent to 101 Main Street in Park Forest about 8:42 p.m. to help a private ambulance company with a "combative" resident of the home there. The Victory Centre of Park Forest, a supportive living community for adults 65 and older according to its website, is at that address.

    The resident of the faculty was being "involuntarily" committed for medical treatment by staff at the Victory Centre, the release said.


    We just use restraints at my facility, I guess killing the patient is just as effective...

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    wow- even after being tazered he kept going-did he do bath salts? sorry , just kidding.
    Ive had an elderly pt once who became so violent that it took 6 guys to take him down.
    This is why I dont care to work with dementia elderly- you cant reason with them.
    And since we cant use restraints, poseys, chemical restraint, etc. We get hurt.

    Dont get me wrong, I dont think anyone should die over this

    Its just like how kids nowadays get away with murder- cant spank them, discipline them( having a 15 minute time out in a corner is NOT disciplining them, look cross eyed at them lest we be accused of abuse.

    What a stupid society we have created
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    There has to be more to this story..
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    Quote from Sun0408
    There has to be more to this story..
    There is, I posted the link to the article. The staff wanted to do something against his will, he fought back. When the cane did not work he resorted to the shoehorn, when the shoehorn did not work he pulled the kitchen knife.

    We all know the story. Guy with Alzheimers or dementia who wouldn't comply, had a bunch of people yelling at him to comply, because we all know that works with these kind of patients. They had to kill him to save him, you know for his own good.
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    Elderly confused pts are always 10x stronger than the hulk! Sad that someone died, seems like something besides using a taser could have done.
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    Before we vilify the responding officers, what was the man's cause of death? Was it a direct result of the taser or the bean bags?

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    Quote from dansamy
    Before we vilify the responding officers, what was the man's cause of death? Was it a direct result of the taser or the bean bags?

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    Yes, ruled as a homicide by the coroner.

    I guess he was supposed to have surgery that night where the surgeon said "if he survives the surgery, her stepfather will likely end up on life support."

    Weird that he wanted to refuse.

    War veteran John Wrana, 95, dies after police shoot him with Taser and bean bag rounds | Metro Newsday!
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    Staff claimed that he was sitting in a chair during the row, suggesting that the force used by authorities might not have been warranted
    The Southtown Star reported that an autopsy found the war veteran died from being shot in the stomach with the 12-gauge shotgun with bean-bag ammo...An autopsy found that the 95-year-old man died from internal bleeding after being shot in the stomach from a bean-bag gun.
    The police version I guess differs from what the family and staff saw. Family and staff said he was sitting in a chair the entire time and never saw a knife. Hmmm.
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    Ok. So the injury from the bean bag rounds caused his death. Next question, was the force used appropriate in relation to the perceived threat? Or was it excessive? That's a bit subjective & best left to other law enforcement professionals.

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    I read the link... It stated he was awake and talking and taken to the hospital, then transferred to another hospital where he died several hours after the police altercation... I'm sure the police did what they thought would cause the least amount of harm but sub-do the person..If they wanted to kill him, they could have just shot him with real bullets KWIM.. Despite his age, he did have a butcher knife..

    Sounds like a sad story and the person died of either natural causes or related to the taser/ bean bag or a combination of both.. But I can't hang the police just yet...

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