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    Quote from crazy&cuteRN
    Sad story. I wasn't there so it is hard for me to say whether or not the force was too excessive. However, I've worked with these type of combative demented residents and they are much stronger and violent than you think. Then we complain when the police dont do anything to protect nurses or the patients.
    Well, we don't want anyone hurt of course; but, somewhere in between the two articles-there was another similar story linked below the original link to the article in the OP-if he didn't want to go, and he was in ALF, the he should've been able to be on his merry way or relax in his chair...not 911 called, etc.

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    This whole situation sounds like it shouldn't have happened. I feel so bad that that brave veteran was killed at the hands of his own countrymen. Its shameful.
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    wonder why they could not just wait for him to calm down, get sleepy, etc. Could have locked the room and let him be alone. But I suppose you had to be there---------
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