Plea Rejected in Case of Hepatitis Infections - page 3

DENVER-Suggesting that 20 years in prison was not enough punishment for the crime, a federal judge on Friday rejected a plea agreement for a former hospital technician and drug user who admitted that... Read More

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    Actually maybe life without parole would be better punishment....

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    Still trying to figure out HOW she got ahold of narcs in the OR in the first place. The only person getting narcs and using them are the anesthesia docs/CRNA...could the docs/CRNA have left needles behind unattended, and then this SURGICAL TECH (not a NURSE) grabbed it, used it, then filled it up with something else, then put it back down & that's how it got used on other patients? It just boggles my mind she did this and then how did she get the access to narcs and place the needle BACK into circulation? The only thing I can come up with is that she had to make it appear that the needle/syringe was still filled and not "missing". But then if RNs lost their jobs over this...hmmmm?

    I emailed Inside Edition because it was crap that they headlined the story on air and on their site that she was a "Nurse"...why? Well it sells more "tickets" I guess. ARGH!
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    wow! this is truly to me it breaks my heart to see all these lives ruined by these individuals.

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