Physical abuse of Alzheimer's patient by LTC staff captured on film.

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    Physical abuse of Alzheimer's patient by LTC staff captured on film. Three arrested. This just breaks my heart. I went to look at it again to get the name of the place and just couldn't do it...... too painful to see.
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    this happened in my area.... facility lost state license to operate; sunrise corp.has lost license for 5 other facilities in pa in recent years.

    third woman accused of assault at senior facility
    haverford a third woman has been arrested in the abuse of an elderly patient with severe dementia at an upscale nursing home last month, authorities said thursday. ayesha muhammad, 19, of the 1300 block of north 49th street, philadelphia, is charge...

    state revokes operating license for quadrangle senior living community
    citing gross incompetence, negligence and misconduct, the pennsylvania department of public welfare revoked the operating license at the senior living community in haverford where a hidden camera captured a 78-year-old dementia patient being abused a...

    family plans to file lawsuit in quadrangle abuse case (with video)
    haverford the family of the elderly woman who was allegedly abused by caretakers at quadrangle assisted living announced tuesday it plans to file a civil lawsuit on behalf of the victim and every resident of the upscale facility on darby road.
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    I couldnt see anything, looked like they were putting clothes on her. My heart goes to that poor woman.
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    Quote from RNbyDesign
    I couldnt see anything, looked like they were putting clothes on her. My heart goes to that poor woman.
    I didn't see anything either other than what looked like unprofessional staff laughing.
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    I couldnt really see anything in the video, but the article (link under NRSKARENRN's post) said they were "mocking and laughing" at the woman. Which is so sad, its abusive people like this that make LTC centers look bad (because mocking and laughing is humilating, which makes it emotional abuse, I didnt see any physical abuse as they were implicating though). Taken from article: Muhammad said she and her co-defendants “did laugh and mock” the woman “as she struggled to hear and communicate due to her physical and mental condition.” She added that Griffin allegedly danced and “shadow boxed” in an attempt to play with the visibly upset woman, and that they restricted the woman from leaving her room on multiple occasions.

    The journalist said that many people that work in LTC have rap sheets and it should be a law against them working in these facilities. Ive never worked in a place where they didnt ask criminal background, and isnt there a law that certain offenses cant work in these facilities? I could be wrong, but these journalist like to put fear in the public. Every LTC facility doesnt have employees abusing patients. This is just so sad and disturbing. I dont know what else to say.
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    I can't really see anything wrong in the video except that they are mocking her.
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    Was just thinking I have never worked in a LTC facility that did not do a background check.
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    it is very sad if the lady was being abused in any way .i can understand how the daughter mom had alzheimers too.but his video doesn't show much.
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    I think I did a clinical rotation there when I was in nursing school. This makes me really sad.
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    Something similar happened in 2008 at a nursing home in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Four teenage nursing assistants were accused of sexually assaulting 15 vulnerable residents. One was quoted by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune as saying that she was doing it for fun because her work was otherwise boring.

    I think this is lower than low.
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