Phony Nurse Ordered to Pay $18,000 in Restitution - page 2

From KTVA, Anchorage, AK: "A convicted con artist from Fairbanks must pay back about $18,000 in wages she earned while lying about her professional nursing credentials." Read more: How the heck did she get away with... Read More

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    I have recently encountered someone in my personal life that told my family and i that she is an LPN.............even went as far as to tell me about her nclex experience. I have just found out by checking the BON site that she is in fact a certified assistant.

    Its scary to think that people do this!!!!!

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    Quote from Paco386
    Probably meant to say the I-9 form, the one that verifies that you can legally work in the USA. Requires either a US passport, green card, or a driver's license/soc sec card combo.
    Ah, thank you for clearing that one up. I thought I was gonna be in trouble.
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    This type of thing is going to continue to happen the boards of nursing implement a system where our photos are on our licenses and our finger prints are taken. Until then, there is no way to stop it.
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    My mom said that she knew a few people who were trying to work under just ONE license. Scaryyyy. Now in Maryland if you are a new applicant for CNA,LPN,or RN license you have to submit a picture to the board along with your application, get fingerprinted & undergo a state& FBI background check. I think that's a good idea!
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    This is not uncommon in Marietta Georgia. We have Africans who were techs one day and Registered nurses the next day. We have even had one fired because she could not perform up to her RN title. But you take the NLN in the state of California and transfer over the state where you want to be employed. It is one of the many African scams. But somehow they are getting away with it. You pay about 2500.00 dollars and you get placed in a data bank somewhere that says you have a college degree even if it is from somewhere in the bush of Africa. Good scam!! You have to admit. They get on the job training from full fledge American nurses who suffered through nursing school. I just hope they dont ever have to work over any of my family or friends. They dont know the theory behind what they do. I work with a few, I know this first hand. Many nurses have notified the Georgia Board of Nursing about this but they do nothing. We have also notified the state of California Board of Nursing and you know they did nothing. So what can you say but SCAM on!!!
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    A mini-series on this topic would be interesting to watch, especially to see the "tricks" and lengths these imposters went to to avoid detection. Hope the make of the mini-series gets it right by using actual information from candid interviews from said imposters. Interesting.
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    A nationalized nursing registry would take care of a lot of these issues. Then they have our fingerprints, and a photo, and one quick pullup online would take care of a lot of these problems.....
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