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  1. by   I love my cat!
    Well, she must have been brillant-to teach and practice and NOBODY noticed or became suspicious in 27 years? I have known people who actually finish school and are fired for poor performance in a year, lol.
  2. by   Niki LPN
    holy crap! how awful! i never understand why you would impersonate a nurse...its not an easy job to just learn!! lol
  3. by   passredskins1
    maybe she got her BSN from clemson but never took the nclex.....
    soooo glad she was caught.................
  4. by   CP2013
    The affidavit states the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation did confirm the licensing numbers Lollis used were not hers and that she was never issued a nursing license.

    Read more: SLED: Upstate nurse practices without license for 27 years | Anderson - WYFF Home
    This is ridiculous. For 27 years no one realized she was using fake license numbers?!
  5. by   yellowbean314
    My instructor was just talking about a "nurse" who she learned a lot from and who she felt was extremely knowledgeable on the floor. Well, my instructor said that this "nurse" was not actually a nurse but an impersonator. She had no license or anything!! This really blew my mind.
  6. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    Makes you wonder about any other dropped balls....

    Quote from Sun0408
    Authorities: Unlicensed nurse worked for nearly 3 decades - News, Weather & Sportsrom this article, she never received any nursing education at all.. From the comments from those that knew her, they say she did graduate from Clemson University in 1985.. How sad for everyone involved, her past pts, her former students etc..

    How does this happen?? SC does not issue a paper license and haven't in many years, you go to the BON wedsite, type the persons name and it will give you the license number and if they are in good standing with the board, if action has been taken; it gives you to link to the charges.. Someone really dropped the ball on this one.
  7. by   amygarside
    This news is kind of scary because how can a person able to practice nursing for that long without being caught. I thought our nursing board is very strict about license. I think they should look into this and find out how she was able to get away with this until now.
  8. by   ProgressiveActivist
    I worked in a community hospital about 15 years ago. One of the House Supervisors worked there as an RN for over ten years. It was discovered that she really had an expired LPN license from a midwestern state and had never been in an RN program of any kind.

    Also one of the internists there had been in prison in california for 10 years for murder but somehow managed to get accepted to medical school upon his release and graduate. His violent behavior toward and stalking of an exgirlfriend prompted someone to do a background check.

    I have a couple of other more recent stories like these but I don't want to be identified. There are alot of people working without a license, and that is a form of medicare fraud.
  9. by   TC3200

    I'm not condoning what she did, or that I'd want her working without somehow having to prove competence. But it sure would be interesting to have her take the NCLEX-RN and see if she passes it. I'd bet that a motivated student can teach herself (or himself) pretty well from nursing textbooks, perhaps better and more thoroughly than the instruction you'd get in RN school, because you'd be free to concentrate solely on that, without all the papers and poverty simulations and trips to Head Start class and whatever else the schools load students down with. And nursing books are easily bought online.
  10. by   gummi bear
    Well....I think that one of my coworkers has been impersonating a nurse. It's hard to believe that this woman got through school and passed the NCLEX. lol
  11. by   nrsang97
    Quote from gummi bear
    Well....I think that one of my coworkers has been impersonating a nurse. It's hard to believe that this woman got through school and passed the NCLEX. lol

    Do we work with the same person LOL
  12. by   echoRNC711
    The fact that she worked in a lab rather than pt care makes me see the funny side wondering "What if the students she trained were considered as more skilled?? " Perhaps in the severe shortages back then she listed her qualification for being a nurse as "I look good in white "
  13. by   mom_coach_nurse
    I'd be pretty upset if I was taught by an unlicensed nurse. I'd be questioning everything I learned & then would worry how that would affect my future. :-/