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    Quote from samadams8
    LOL, impersonator or not; what was she thinking? 27 years? LOL. She couldn't figure out that there were less stressful and annoying ways to make a living?

    OK, I am being facetious. It's insane that someone would do this without appropriate education. What's more, how in the world did she do it? I feel like each position I have held had pretty thorough checks on everything--that is short of strip-searches and DNA testing.
    ....but it was her DREAAAAAAM!!!!
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    Quote from CT Pixie
    She was teaching at an LPN program as a lab coordinator.

    "..... Her position was lab coordinator for licensed practical nursing........"
    So....would that be a job requiring one to have an RN license (and that's what she was faking) or an LPN one ( and THAT was what she was faking?). I believe that was sapphire's question. She did hold jobs since 1985 as a "nurse", but it's unclear in what capacity.

    Me, I hate the idea that she was in a position to TEACH anyone at all.

    And y'know, I see checking on licensure as such a fundamental task when credentialling a new hire...and when it comes up for re-creds, no one ever gives me a hard time when I ask for documentation.

    The only way this can happen, from what I'm seeing in this sketchy story, is that NO ONE was doing this most basic of job functions --that is, basic checking of credentials. In which case, there are a NUMBER of people who should have their heads on platters, not just the one who pulled off the scam. How about the ones who LET her pull it off by not doing an adequate job of verification?
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    I can't speak for any other state but in Connecticut, in order to teach in any capacity in an LPN program, one must be an RN (and have a Masters degree or enrolled in a Masters program).

    I do agree, the article does not specify whether she was claiming to be an RN or LPN, its pretty vague. Regardless, like you, I don't like the idea of her teaching anyone.
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    Yup, I saw that she taught in an LPN program, so I therefore (wrongly) assumed that she was impersonating an LPN at her per diem job, which I thought would be a weird thing to do with a BSN degree. Still, this whole thing just weirds me out.
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    I agree that there are holes in the story.

    I learned the story behind a local woman's speedy and unplanned "retirement" recently. Her dad had been a
    surgeon at the local hospital for many decades and she graduated from nursing school and went to work at our hospital. She worked, through the decades, in OB, ICU, and in OR. She held supervisory positions.

    The years passed and her parents died. She married. She worked, giving any drug her patient had been ordered. She volunteered with the YW, the Red Cross, and her church. She went to several mercy missions to Haiti.

    She worked part of the week and was given a retirement party.

    It seems that while she had graduated from a BSN program, despite taking the NCLEX several times, she never
    passed, and worked almost 50 years without ever holding a nursing license.

    Appalling and sad.
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    I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed. She needs to write a tell-all book. She would probably make more money from a year's worth of book sales than a lifetime in nursing!
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    Well, she must have been brillant-to teach and practice and NOBODY noticed or became suspicious in 27 years? I have known people who actually finish school and are fired for poor performance in a year, lol.
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    holy crap! how awful! i never understand why you would impersonate a nurse...its not an easy job to just learn!! lol
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    maybe she got her BSN from clemson but never took the nclex.....
    soooo glad she was caught.................
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    The affidavit states the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation did confirm the licensing numbers Lollis used were not hers and that she was never issued a nursing license.

    Read more: SLED: Upstate nurse practices without license for 27 years | Anderson - WYFF Home

    This is ridiculous. For 27 years no one realized she was using fake license numbers?!

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