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If this becomes the real deal, I believe all of our gooses are cooked. I am going to be REALLY glad to be OUT of hospital based care in a year or two. I believe this is an impossible goal, given the entitlement mentality of... Read More

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    This "customer satisfaction" issue is already a heavy burden - get one disgruntled patient who demands something and is denied if there is a safety issue involved. Hospitals and administrators already tend to side with the patient when census is down.

    Why shouldn't Obamacare add to the burden? We've already allowed lobbyists for healthcare corporations, members of congress, pharmaceutical companies and medical suppliers, and overpaid corporate CEOs who don't give a hoot for real people who don't have the congressional healthcare package or private insurance hijack the system....

    Healthcare should not be about competition, it should be about getting the best care for the most people possible. It should not be a 3 or 4-tiered system that gives the best care to the highest bidder or the one who brings in the most dollars for the least expenditure.

    We need to keep speaking out about the burden nurses carry. We need to speak out about what we know about what works and what doesn't. We need to use critical thinking and pass on our criticism to congress, to the state boards, to hospital boards.

    We know there are too many patients for too few full-time nurses, that resources are limited and the distribution of those resources is inefficient. We know this is not going to get better if all that is done is to put a band-aid on a gaping wound in our society.
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    Not to mention that it is a well accepted phenomenon that when people are in a time of crisis (aka Hospitalization)....the heightened emotions and anxiety leads our perception and judgement of a situation to be different then if we were not in that state. *See that list of 400-600 some different coping mechanisms that occur just as part of the human condition IE avoidance, denial, blame, distraction, ect*

    This is a prime example of why patient reviews, except for specific incidents, should NOT be used to determine our reimbursement and why we know not to take exaggerated negative feedback from patients too personally!

    This is basic psychology...I learned it in nursing school, LOL :P
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    I'm going to find a new career. **** this.
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    This whole thing makes my blood BOIL!
    Makes me want to get OUT of the hospital setting ASAP.
    Patients are spoiled. They think they are at the Hilton!
    I'm sick of waiting on walkie-talkie patients hand and foot for things like gingerale, etc. ESPECIALLY sick of waiting on their family members!
    I did not go to nursing school for 4 years to be a waitress and to kiss your ass!
    YOU'RE IN A HOSPITAL. Yes, I have to put that IV in're not here to sleep!

    But no, let's encourage this behavior.

    Sorry, I'm really not this crass or mean. Just frustrated
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