Patient lost at San Francisco General, body found

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    Very sad.


    "SAN FRANCISCO -- Officials at San Francisco General Hospital confirmed Tuesday that they had discovered a woman's body on a rarely-used exterior stairwell, raising fears that the body may be that of a San Francisco woman who went missing three weeks ago while being treated at the hospital.

    The body was discovered about 10 a.m. on the fourth-floor stairwell, according to a statement from the hospital. Officials did not say if they could determine the cause of the woman's death or how long it had been since she died.

    A spokesman for the family of 57-year-old Lynne Spalding said the family had received a call notifying them of the discovery of the body this morning but that hospital officials did not confirm that the body was Spaldings". But her daughter was notified.

    Very sad way to educate the public on the horrors of hospitals.
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    Very sad indeed. I wonder why a more thorough search wasn't conducted though.
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    I'd hate to be her assigned nurse on the shift she disappeared.
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    They KNEW she was missing. And her alcohol history made it likely that she walked away from the facility. She was found in the fire exit. They have no internal security officers as I understand the story- so there is no one routinely checking these little-used stairwells.

    You can read more at Found Deceased CA - Lynne Spalding, 57, San Francisco, 21-September-2013 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Communityery sad.
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    Where does it say she had an alcohol history?
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    Did she get locked into the stairwell? OMG!
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    Quote from Mulan
    Where does it say she had an alcohol history?
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    What a horrible story. Scary that a part of the hospital is not even accessed that frequently to check.
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    I don't know the whole story, but at face value this hospital is without excuse.

    A patient goes missing, and a floor-to-floor sweep of every nook, cranny, cupboard, closet--and stairwell--needs to be systematically performed.

    If this was a fire exit, then why was there no alarm on the door? I've never worked in a facility where an alarm doesn't peel madly if a fire exit door is opened.

    Outrageous. Poor woman. Poor family.
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    I've had patients elope...I search every nook and cranny. I was reprimanded once because we couldn't find them and I "made a big deal" out of nothing. This is why I made a big deal.....thankfully we found the missing patient...shooting up in a hallway.

    My heartfelt prayers are with her family and children.