Patient Data Posted Online in Major Breach of Privacy

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    A medical privacy breach led to the public posting on a commercial Web site of data for 20,000 emergency room patients at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, Calif., including names and diagnosis codes, the hospital has confirmed. The information stayed online for nearly a year.
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    Outrageous and frightening
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    We will see more of this happening...
    This is NOT acceptable.
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    from page two of the article:
    …the department of health and human services viewed the breach as a potential violation of the [color=#004276]health insurance portability and accountability act, the 1996 law that requires protection of medical records.

    mr. migdol, the hospital spokesman, said stanford had concluded that “there is no employee from stanford hospital who has done anything impermissible.” he said he expected the federal department of health and human services to conduct its own investigation. susan mcandrew, a deputy director in the department’s office for civil rights, said she could not discuss whether an investigation was in progress.

    the vendor, identified by mr. migdol as multi-specialty collection services l.l.c., based in los angeles, is described on its web site as a subsidiary of texican inc. joe anthony reyna, who is listed in state and commercial records as texican’s principal, did not respond to messages left at his office and home.

    mr. migdol said the company created the spreadsheet as part of a billing-and-payment analysis for the hospital. he said the hospital immediately suspended its relationship with the contractor and received written certification that previous files would be destroyed or returned securely. …
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    Scary, scary, scary.

    And scary some more.
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    Quote from Bella'sMyBaby
    We will see more of this happening...
    This is NOT acceptable.
    You are absolutely right.
    I nearly panicked when I learned my doctor's office had gone completely online.
    No security in the world can protect everyone from everything.
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    These same facilities would fire an employee in a instant for sneaking a peak at an unauthorized chart. I wonder if all the managment in the place will fire themselves for permitting such an outrage to occur.
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    diane dobson, of santa clara, calif., said her “jaw dropped” on saturday when she intercepted the letter from ms. meyer addressed to her 21-year-old son, who she said had received emergency psychiatric treatment at stanford in 2009. ms. dobson said it could have been disastrous if her son, who lives at home, had learned that his name was linked to a mental health diagnosis.

    “my son, i can tell you, is fragile and confused enough that this would have sent him over the edge,” ms. dobson said, saying she decided to speak publicly now because of her frustration with the breach. “everyone with an electronic medical record is at risk, and that means everyone.”
    is it just me or should the mother have refrained from publicly announcing that her son was linked to a mental health diagnosis? i mean, now even more people know via the press release.
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    a jaw-dropping article .tsktsk
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    a jaw-dropping article .tsktsk

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