Patient abuse caught on hidden camera...Shocking!!!! - page 13

This is just shocking! Watching the video, its hard to watch certified individuals treating a client so horribly...... Read More

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    This one looked like an official hoyer lift patient.

    It it was me taking care of her I would be out of the room to get transfer help from the others.

    What has happened in times past is
    that they adamently refuse to help with a transfer when they know this is dangerous and I have reported them for refusing to help me.

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    I worked in The SNF from Hell, and this video doens't surprise me at all. I had to put my mother in a nursing home last year. I was very picky about where she went, and someone was with her every day, at least during the day. If that hadn't been possible, I would've put a camera in her room, regulations be damned.

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