Patient abuse caught on hidden camera...Shocking!!!! - page 10

This is just shocking! Watching the video, its hard to watch certified individuals treating a client so horribly...... Read More

  1. by   CanuckLPN73
    OMG!! lost for words!

    Do have a question Do they not use lifts (sitstand or full lifts)? Just picking up a resident (even if they did it nicely) is a danger as one can injure not only the resident but themselves as well!
    Needless to say those nursing attendants need thrown around by someone bigger than them....
  2. by   Poi Dog
    I teared up watching that

  3. by   Saiderap
    They go through abuse at home too.
  4. by   Saiderap
    This one looked like an official hoyer lift patient.

    It it was me taking care of her I would be out of the room to get transfer help from the others.

    What has happened in times past is
    that they adamently refuse to help with a transfer when they know this is dangerous and I have reported them for refusing to help me.
  5. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I worked in The SNF from Hell, and this video doens't surprise me at all. I had to put my mother in a nursing home last year. I was very picky about where she went, and someone was with her every day, at least during the day. If that hadn't been possible, I would've put a camera in her room, regulations be damned.