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from philadelphia business journal: thursday, april 29, 2010, 9:11am edt newcourtland marks opening of nursing school by john george staff writer read more: philadelphia business... Read More

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    Quote from bellupperdarbylpn
    well ,
    please do tell me what schools get or hire their grads or give jobs after you graduate. its up to you to get your own job. And in my oppinion you should already have this planned out.

    This is another outlet for one who wants to go to school for Lpn, In PA there's not too many schools out there for LPN. And the ones we do have they're all booked up with wait lists .So thats why I'm so happy about this school. For those who were discouraged thinking they will have to wait years. TO even get their lives started towards their dream of becoming a nurse. Like I did!!!!
    You can have something all planned out and something still could happen. Maybe those students should take a look at the classifieds. From what I'm seeing,in philly there are not to many lpn positions,and on top of it you must have experience. Somebody needs to tell them the truth,and it most of the students know they might end up doing ltc of work in an office?

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    Agree with you Moogie.

    Most who go into the LPN program haven't got a clue that most hospitals won't hire them. Of course, one can argue, (and they will) that "due diligence" is everyone's responsibility.

    That being said, it would be proper for those "educators" to inform prospective "nurses" that their employment opportunities are extremely limited, going the LPN route.

    The fact that most of the colleges don't disclose that information until they've signed you up and you are nearing graduation.

    "Oh, by the way, LPN's are being phased out"

    Transparency, up front, before you sign on the dotted line and give your money, is key.
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    anyone knows how much tuition is for newcourtland...
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    I'm so tired of hearing "LPN's are being phased out" if that was the case the government would not be putting their money into these LPN programs. Granted, yes many LPN's are working in LTC however, that's a job! I'm quite sure 90 percent of people that do go into LPN programs are doing it to get to their RN so potential LPN students please don't let anyone discourage you from becoming a lpn there are jobs!
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