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by lena h. sun washington post staff writer thursday, october 7, 2010 it was bad when washington hospital center fired 18 nurses during last winter's snowstorms. it got worse when the nurses' union and management... Read More

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    Three physicians on my plan have told me they are dropping out of taking medicaid patients altogether.

    Because they are the best of the best, they are probably going to eventually drop out of medicare.

    To be honest, they do not to see them.

    And as for the social conscience, they are the same physicians who go to Haiti, Nicaragua, and perform care-often, about every three to four months. Out of their own pocket.....

    I asked them why they intend to drop medicaid patients...their response? 1. Not enough pay. 2. Sometimes goes wrong and it isn't their (doctors fault) patients don't HESITATE to sue...as with everyone else, of course. 3. Just not worth the hassle.

    This is the honest truth--and they don't care if they lose hospital privileges either....
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