Oldest Practicing Nurse in US Turns 90!!

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    Do you remember how old you were when you first said that you wanted to be a nurse? For some it is more years than you might want to say. But, there is one nurse who is still running circles around others...... at 90!! She holds the record at being the oldest practicing nurse in the US. Read her inspiring story.

    Oldest Practicing Nurse in US Turns 90!!

    How long have you been a nurse?

    Some boast of being a nurse for 20 or 30 years…..a few even longer. If you are among the 30 plus years category and are still working, you have probably been thinking of retiring. But what would you say someone said you are too young to retire…. You have 40 - 50 years of nursing work left in you? You would think they were crazy!

    Believe it or not…..the oldest practicing nurse in the US just celebrated her 90th birthday on May 8. Amazingly…..she still works 2 days a week at Tacoma General Hospital in Washington.

    Florence ‘SeeSee’ Rigney, who was born in 1925 has been working for almost 70 years at the same hospital. Talk about a loyal employee. Although she considered retiring when she was 67, she is still working 2 days a week setting up rooms in the operating room, the site of her work as an OR nurse over these many long years.

    SeeSee has certainly fulfilled her goal set as a child when she declared she wanted to be a nurse for a lifetime. What an inspiration she is to all us who are proud to call ourselves nurses.

    During a surprise birthday celebration, she received a letter from the governor telling her “Your story is an inspiration to me and all Washingtonians.”

    Bill Robertson, the CEO of Multicare hospitals also sent SeeSee a message, appropriately during Nurses Week, stating,

    Just imagine all the changes SeeSee has seen in her life since she graduated from high school….in 1943. Listening to some of the details of the experiences she has had over the course of a wonderful life is inspiring. I have no doubt that her happiness and success in life is related to her appreciative approach to everything that life has presented to her.
    I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Nurses Week than with the story of a career nurse like SeeSee...... In celebrating SeeSee’s life, let us also celebrate the more than 3 million nurses in this country who are foundational to modern health care and who are active in virtually every aspect of what we do.
    Watch the video of this precious lady who is still doing what she loves.

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  3. by   Anna S, RN
    Wow- just wow. what a wonderful video. See See is very blessed, and is a blessing to others.
  4. by   AnthonyD
    What an inspiration. She is truly amazing.
  5. by   Brian
    Wow, what a cool story of an AMAZING nurse! Can you imagine what changes in nursing she has witnessed?
    Happy Birthday SeeSee!
  6. by   jadelpn
    This is awesome!! How wonderful that a nurse with such grace and fortitude as Miss See-See is working among us.

    Happy Birthday!
  7. by   pookyp
    I cried while watching this on YouTube. Lol amazing!
  8. by   NeoNurse2Be
    Very inspiring!! She is truly blessed and it's nice to see that her hard work has not gone unnoticed.
  9. by   ICURN7
    Wonderful!! Happy Birthday Seesee! you are indeed an inspiration...
  10. by   herbie06
    Wow, this is so exciting to see, especially as I'm making a midlife career change to nursing! You go, SeeSee! And Happy Birthday!!
  11. by   brandy1017
    What a sweet lady, looks like a beautiful grandma. So happy!

    Happy Birthday!

    PS What is your secret to your energy and longevity? Have you found the fountain of youth! Please share with the rest of us!
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  12. by   Purple_roses
    I love this story. Wish I knew her!
  13. by   Sun0408
    I saw the story last night on FB I think. Amazing!!!! I'm sure nursing has kept her sharp and young. She sure don't look 90
  14. by   TiffyRN
    I was wondering if this was the lady mentioned in this AN posting from a few weeks ago but the ages don't match.

    Oldest practicing Nurse?