Oldest Nurse in SD Retires - How Old was the Oldest Nurse You've Worked With?

  1. Great article sent to me from a colleague:

    93-Year-Old Nurse Retires After 72 Years on the Job - Yahoo

    Whats the oldest nurse you've worked with?

    I currently work with a dialysis nurse who is 75. She is great with the basic job duties but unfortunately does not want to do computerized charting. However, with encouragement, she is learning.

    How about you? Your experience?
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  3. by   l1234567
    I've worked with a 75 year old nurse in a highly specialised trauma unit. She electronically charts etc and runs rings around everyone. You would not think she is 75, very sharp and witty (with a good dose of sarcasm).

    i don't think she does it for the money, I think she just likes working.
  4. by   Pca_85revived
    I worked with a WONDERFUL, very knowledgeable nurse at the LTC I was employed at prior to this one who celebrated her 70th birthday a few months before I left for a position more flexible with my school schedule. Before her 15 years in LTC, she spent thirty in the ICU and, I believe, two in med surgery right after school. She turned down quite a few offers for managerial positions because she just loved patient care. She went to LTC because the physical aspect of the job required less heavy lifting and she wanted to be on the floor, even though her body was getting weaker and her physical strength had diminished quite a bit after years in the hospital setting. I really admired her, she was truly one of the most intelligent, competent nurses I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
  5. by   quazar
    Wow, mega props to them! That's awesome! I'm lazy and my sincerest hope is to be surrounded by cats, sitting on my butt in a garden drinking a cocktail somewhere when I'm 93 haha.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    My oldest coworker was in her early 70s (born circa 1943) before she retired in 2014. She was in better health and moved faster than many of the nurses who were less than half her age.