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COLUMBUS, Ohio-A condemned Ohio inmate who weighs at least 480 pounds wants his upcoming execution delayed, saying his weight could lead to a "torturous and lingering death." Ronald Post, who shot... Read More

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    I remember reading an article about this guy yesterday - got me thinking. As far as the iv access goes, have someone place a PICC line, EJ, central line, something, anything.

    I don't know how long he has been that size - if he was always that big, it apparently didn't slow him down committing the crime and murdering someone, it shouldn't slow him down in getting the punishment that was decided by the court.

    Shoot, depending on when the execution date is, put his butt on a diet . At least cut off his Twinkie supply!

    Anne, RNC
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    Put him on a little treadmill thing to generate electricity for the prison. Let him run until he's either tired and willing to die, or until he's light enough to fit on the bed thing. And why does no one consider mainlining EJ, or better yet do a portable ultrasound to get either brachial or central line access. If they are that concerned about their puny little dose not working, inject it intracardiac through the chest. Surely there are docs out there who need practice with procedures?

    Oh yeah and nobody has mentioned trying an intraosseous, if you can give adenosine into one I am sure that a lethal injection should work.
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    Let the students practice on him, at least then he will be useful for something!
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    Ehh...I just saw this one on Grey's Anatomy or something of the like. . Sorry, as a nurse Can't say ill ever condone the death penalty...I just dont think we have the right to decide who deserves to live or die.
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    480 lbs!!! That is a lot of "canteen" candy. How the heck did they allow someone to get so big? All this guy has been doing for 30 years is lay around and eat. That is a lot of my taxes going for a lot of potato chips. There is no problem getting a line in this guy. He wants bariatric surgery? How does he think they are going to do it? Without a line in him? I think it ought to be done while he is in his super sized coffin. No mess, no fuss. Just injection and lowered in. No problem.
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    he's making he's way out of the execution...
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    Quote from Sehille4774
    Ehh...I just saw this one on Grey's Anatomy or something of the like. . Sorry, as a nurse Can't say ill ever condone the death penalty...I just dont think we have the right to decide who deserves to live or die.
    Well for one, this thread wasn't so much about believing in the death penalty or no. As far as we are concerned, the state he is in has it, it is the law where he is, and they are punishing him to the full extent of the law.
    But I don't see why if someone feels THEY can choose whether someone lives or dies and brutally kills them that they should get to sit on their fat butts, eat canteen candy, make ridiculous requests, etc..All this on our tax dollars, for the rest of his life. So basically, although he cut this woman's life short, took her from her family, her children, he should get to live his whole life getting fat, not working, and not contributing in any positive way or form to society? No thanks. I say, whatever money was being spent on this guy, send it to her kids. It won't bring her back, but they can use it to pay their education, buy a house, whatever they want. In fact, I think while he was in jail they should have MADE him work, and sent any money he made to her family to make reparations for what he did to them. Just my two cents.
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    They make long catheters just for obese patients. I agree with above posts. It can be done. We do bariatric surgery here and all patients have IV before their surgery.
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    This guy has been laying around in prison stuffing his face for my entire lifetime?!?!

    And just how was he planning on having gastric bypass surgery without an IV line?!

    Can't they just adjust the dose of the meds by his weight?

    Does he honestly think the law will say, "Ok you are too fat to kill. Keep eating and just hanging out til you die of an MI?" Unbelievable.
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    As an aside, as I type this post, a human being has probably been killed (within the past hour or so) ...deliberately....with fore-thought and legal malice....by the great state of Ohio.

    I drive from my home in southwest Ohio towards work in KY through Lucasville, OH on a regular basis. As I drive through that city, I often think of the prisoners held within that prison, especially those awaiting execution upon my behalf.

    Gee, thanks, Ohio!

    While I'm an adult male, owning multiple weapons (far too many, according to my darling wife....spiffy shiny steel blades + finely crafted projectile launching devices), and having had the training to properly utilize those devices, I shudder at the thought of a human locked in a steel/concrete cell...forcibly dragged/marched to an execution gurney, strapped in place, painful steel IVs stabbed through the skin, followed by injected poisons.

    Is that the behavior of a civilized society? I don't think so.

    That being said, if I saw the same human actively engaged in an attack/assault against me or one who I loved, I'd shoot the human to the ground without excessive concern. Threat engagement, kill-or-be-killed, and all that jazz.

    Color me confused/psychotic.

    If I, myself, see a person threatening me or mine, they are a legitimate target. If, on the other hand, after years of excruciating (drawn out, convoluted) legal wrangling, my State chooses to decide that the person is "guilty", and should be legally killed, I find that choice troubling. I have little faith in the "State" choosing those who are "worthy" of being legally killed.

    Having been on the receiving end of our most wondrous criminal injustice system, I understand (on a personal level) how criminal prosecution can occur "out of the blue", with little consideration for "fair or reasonable". Prosecution is all about the vague interpretation of our convoluted local/state/federal laws, interpreted by numerous actors upon the stage of "Law", and getting re-elected.

    In the meantime, humans suffer as a result.
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