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COLUMBUS, Ohio-A condemned Ohio inmate who weighs at least 480 pounds wants his upcoming execution delayed, saying his weight could lead to a "torturous and lingering death." Ronald Post, who shot... Read More

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    Quote from Christy1019
    Perhaps the executioners could employ some of the IV heroin using inmates to help them find a vein, they seem to be pretty good at it lol. Also, what is the reasoning for asking to DELAY the execution? Does he plan to start losing weight any time soon? Doubtful... As for his ridiculous request for gastric bypass, has he lost his damn mind??? We have millions of uninsured families that cannot afford to even see a doctor, let alone get an elective surgery that tax payers have to fund!
    I also believe in the death penalty, why should a murderer be granted free meals, shelter, and not ever have to work again, when their victim and the families suffer?
    If he is so concerned with the PAIN, perhaps they should just use a firing squad instead, that way its over quick and he gets to die the same way as his victim did when he shot them.
    I don't think it is about "finding a vein" in the obese prisoner, from the research I have done and from what I have heard is that because of his weight he is not a good candidate for lethal injection because he could suffer, instead of just die like a normal weight person would with the cocktail they push into him.

    I totally agree that this killer, if sentenced to the death penalty, should get what's coming to him! But as the American Government is the executioner - they must make sure they are doing it humanely as possible. They can't let the man suffer.

    So pop a couple in his head... that will most likely take care of business. Or even better- lets make him run until he loses the weight and then execute him.
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    Unfortunately, prisoners have access to a multitude of snack foods, as long as they have money in their canteen account. And how does money get in that account? Family and friends can bring money to put in the account, and some activities that inmates do will add to their account as well.

    I am not sure how they might go about putting in an IV if they stick him a few times and can't get it. Foot, maybe? Don't know.

    And who gets to decide on an appropriate dose of the meds? Twice the 'usual', three times? Again, I don't know.

    Here is what I DO know - - let's get this done. He has lived too long as it is.
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    Great replies y'all- thanks!
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    The other guy that they talked about went though 2 hours of iv sticks ( that's suffering in my book) And it says they olney use one does of meds ? He has a point there !

    Maybe a picc or could they just do it in the er and have a doctor mesure the meds so it would be right .
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    In the absence of a viable IV, Ohio's execution protocol calls for a single IM injection of 10 mg Versed combined with 40 mg Dilaudid, repeat 1x if needed, followed by repeated IM injections of 60 mg Dilaudid if needed.


    Ohio Prisons Director Announces Changes to Lethal Injection Process


    Execution Policy
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    I read about this yesterday. There was another case many years ago where the condemned successfully argued that he was too fat to hang because hanging could lead to execution and that would be "cruel and unusual."

    "Could" an experienced IV nurse be called in to insert an IV? Possibly. BUT, the American Nurses' Association's position is that nurses should play no role in capital punishment, as it is viewed as "contrary to the fundamental goals and ethical traditions of the nursing profession."

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    Desperate lawyer. This guy must be getting pampered in prison if he is that obese. Throw an EJ in and carry on. Honestly, I think it is ridiculous to postpone for possible side effects. He murdered someone. Murdered. Stick him until you get a nice 16 gauge in there. That's justifiable, right?
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    Bring him here. I think we still do hangings. But then that's a whole new can of worms.
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    Quote from CrufflerJJ
    In the absence of a viable IV, Ohio's execution protocol calls for a single IM injection of 10 mg Versed combined with 40 mg Dilaudid, repeat 1x if needed, followed by repeated IM injections of 60 mg Dilaudid if needed.!See:Ohio Prisons Director Announces Changes to Lethal Injection Process...and...www.drc.ohio.gov/web/drc_policies/documents/01-COM-11.pdf
    Holly --- Yep I think 40-60 mg of dilaudid will kill him , but man what a way to go !
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    its been 30 yr since his conviction.he did not show the woman he shot any mercy.he certainly did not care about her suffering or her kids.he did the crime he is convicted of. he deserves to die .that was the judgement.its time .i don't care if it takes several iv sticks or a multitude of drugs .he ate himself to 480 lbs.he knew his sentence.its time for this to be done.

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