NYC Woman Accused of Attempting To Have Doctors & Nurses Murdered - page 2

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y -- Inconsolable for months over her father's death, Port Richmond resident Morena Costello met last Thursday in the borough with a man she believed was a murderer for hire,... Read More

  1. by   anon456
    wow! I have not read the article, but I just did a rotation in ICU. I was amazed at how appreciative the patients' family members were that the nurses and doctors were trying their best to help the patients. Even when it was not looking good for the patients, the family was saying thank you for caring so well for my loved one, and continuing to make them comfortable in their last days.
  2. by   nerdtonurse?
    What got me was that the woman was being evaluated to see if she was a "danger to her self and others" HELLO, she was soliciting 4 murders. What does she have to do, throw a pipe bomb in thru the front door?

    But there's the whole "poor thing, she's just upset" mentality. I've been upset plenty of times, but if people acted in Walmart like they act in the hospital, they'd be arrested and in jail. We need to start sending these people to jail when they threaten and assault nurses and hospital staff, not making excuses for them. When you do, you just create the culture where people act like it's okay to slap a nurse; things escalate, they don't de-escalate. So now, we're where we hear weekly of nurses and docs getting assaulted, shot, attacked or having hits planned. What's the next step? Someone blows up a ER or ICU?
  3. by   petty,s.t.
    Being nurses, we see things differently than the general public. We KNOW that everyone is going to die, sometimes we even KNOW when. The people of today think the world operates like it does on TV. They do not realize that everyone can not be saved, at sometimes the nurse, doctor, hospital, pharmacy, or anything else they can come up with as an excuse has anything to do with someone dying. This generation wants to blame someone for anything bad that happens and unfortunately, those in the health field are very large targets.