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    Here is another angle and crummy thing about this.

    It is difficult enough to find decent clinical placement for nursing schools. Patients (some) already have a bad taste in their mouth about allowing students (nursing, medical, otherwise) to participate in their care; this and the publicity that it will receive will NOT help that situation.

    I really feel like it is a privilege to be allowed to learn and serve our patients as students. While we are constantly told how much they love the extra attention, sometimes having four students hanging over your bed while the instructor is explaining in minute detail your wound change is not a pleasant experiance.

    So, as a student, I am saddened because it hurts my future profession's image and because it makes students look disrespectful and unprofessional.
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    Wow. I just read several of her blogs. They were fascinating in a watching a car wreck way. That is one angry lady.
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    Her blog is *Absolutely* Disgusting *

    I've said it many times - the Internet is neither anonymous nor innocuous. All posts can eventually be traced through the ISP down to one's street address. Never post anything that you would not want to say in front of a crowded room of strangers.

    This person was certainly very foolish in openly stating her name and the name of her nursing school. With her hideous remarks, she violated pt confidentiality and dignity, as well as the nursing school code of honor.

    She ought to be shamed-faced and remorseful. Instead, she is brazenly filing this lawsuit. Not only will she not win her lawsuit, but no other nursing school will want her as a student. With all this negative publicity, it will be extremely difficult for her to find a job in any healthcare facility ever.
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    Could someone please explain how the student was allowed to film the birth. I assumed that any filming of medical procedures by staff was tightly regulated by the hospital so there was no possibility it would end up in the public domain.
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    ok here is the thing.... i dont care what she said .. i dont even care who she said it about.. you know the saying.. opinions are like $$$$$$$$... everyone has one. i think that my issue with her is the total lack of judgement it showed on her part to publicly blast her opinions when lets face it we live in a society that openly laughs at the constiution on a daily basis. and if people dont have the good sense to know when keeping their mouths shut is in their own best interest.... then they deserve whatever happens. i will be honest i am one of the most opinionated people anyone that knows me knows.... and even i would not have done something so stupidly irresponsible
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    It looks like a pretty clear HIPPA violation to me... at least as it's been explained in what I've read and been told.

    She'll be fortunate if ALL that happens is getting kicked out of school. What MIGHT happen is that she gets sued by the patient for invasion of privacy and fined by the federal government under HIPPA enforcement.
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    Quote from libnat
    I'LL be in the minority here and say I didn't find her postings disturbing or proof she could not perform as a nurse. The Ann Coulter of the nursing world perhaps, of course dear Ann is pretty hated.
    I can't stand Ann Coulter either, but there is simply no comparison. Coulter is no nurse, and anyone who doesn't want to listen/watch can simply tune her out.

    Yoder's patients, who may be people she despises ("with an IQ of no more than 10"), or women about to give birth to "a creep" (what she calls all babies/children) may not have that option.

    I doubt Yoder was able to hide her attitude and prejudices in her classes or clinicals. Kudos to the nursing school for finally doing the right thing (well, she gave them the rope...).

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    Dear FirestarterRN,

    I agree with you, btw. Calling the baby a "creep"...I don't get it (and then capitalizing it yet!). If she was really just "blowing off steam", I would NOT have put that on a public page!!! Her writing IS terrible and, ironically, maybe that will serve her well in her case to come. Not everybody writes well, contrary to what CCC would like to believe.

    From reading her page I was able to tell she worked at a hospital, but it was impossible to tell if she was a nurse or not. I figured she was a nursing assistant or something by the way she talked. But she's already a nurse? I suppose I could look up her license, if she had one, on the La SBON website...if I felt like I had the energy. And I wold have thought that a registered nurse would have more brains than to talk like that.

    I do NOT agree with the things she has said, mind you. I just don't believe she should have been dismissed for those remarks. Of course, even if she wasn't dismissed, they would have made it very VERY hard for her to pass. And, like someone else said on this page, she has the right to free speech, nobody sanctioned this, but as a registered nurse she is expected to hold herself to those standards. As I tell all my friends, "I'm no longer just a person, but a registered nurse." There's no written rule saying we have to be more perfect than others. It's just the way it is. Everything we do is ALWAYS under scrutiny by the powers that be, whether we are at work or in school or at an amusement park. She's going to pay a heavy price for letting her mouth/fingers run rampid.

    And since when do they let students in to videotape a birth? I was very confused by that part too.

    BTW...I love your name, Firestarter. Don't get me wrong. I like to think of myself as a bit of a closet pyromaniac myself, if I had the safe environment to be one...but I don' I can't play with fire.

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    I looked at her MySpace page. She comes off as an angry, racist gun fanatic with a violent streak who hates babies, hates God, and hates people who believe in God, and worse yet insists on her right to spout off her hate for others because of the freedeom of speech. Just the fact that others are concerned about her bringing guns to school, true or not, speaks of her character. She is bitter and has poor judgement. I would not trust her to care for the population-at-large. And I sure as hell wouldn't want her to represent my nursing program.
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    Quote from Anxious Patient
    Could someone please explain how the student was allowed to film the birth. I assumed that any filming of medical procedures by staff was tightly regulated by the hospital so there was no possibility it would end up in the public domain.
    I was wondering about that myself. I assume the pt gave her permission (and will, no doubt, very much regret that now).

    But is it ever permissible, even if the pt agrees? And where was her clinical instructor during all this time?

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