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    Wow, im not sure about the technical law stuff. But i did read her blog that she wrote and wow! Yuck the way she spoke of it was just rude. She has a child herself. why would anyone call a baby a creep. Shes a creep.and i would be creeped if she was my nurse. She is obvously a very disturbed and cold hearted person.
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    This idiot does not deserve to be a nurse. Though i support freedom of speech, i do not support freedom of stupid.
    She should never be in a position to care for the poor or vulnerable.
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    I'LL be in the minority here and say I didn't find her postings disturbing or proof she could not perform as a nurse. The Ann Coulter of the nursing world perhaps, of course dear Ann is pretty hated.
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    Wow, im not sure about the technical law stuff but i read her blog and was disgusted. If that were me i would be so imbarrased if a nurse talked about me that way. She has a child herself. How can anyone call a baby a creep?! Shes the creep and i would be creeped if she was my nurse.the whole thing was rude and uncalled for. I get that it is her blog but put that as private or sumthen. She seems to be the type that enjoys misery. Im sure her mouth fit right into the military scene...even then.
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    Quote from LandslideRN
    But how would you like it if you were in nursing school, and one of your instructors knew that your name was FireStarter on this public website, and they dismissed you from school saying "you were a danger to public health and safety"?

    Just speaking as a devil's advocate, mind you. I think dismissing her was going too far. But I still think there's more to it than what we're being told. I think they want to get rid of her because she wasn't paying attention in class, and the instructors knew it.
    That's a valid argument. Sometimes I've been a little careless here and people out there could have guessed who I am.

    However, I've not come right out and given my real name. I haven't come out and said where I work work here. This Nina Yoder has. She's publicly stated that she is Nina Yoder, that she goes to so and so school, that she saw a birth on her OB rotation and then went on to make fun of the patient who allowed her to attend a very personal and sacred event in her life, the birth of her new babe. This Nina also very openly mocks her school and nursing program on her my space page, which is open for the public to view. If I did those two things to my employer, I would be fired.
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    Quote from libnat
    I'LL be in the minority here and say I didn't find her postings disturbing or proof she could not perform as a nurse. The Ann Coulter of the nursing world perhaps, of course dear Ann is pretty hated.
    I'm not sure what your connection is with Nina Yoder and your motivation in joining this site recently and posting this thread. Could you possibly know this woman personally?

    I would imagine, if Nina Yoder has a my space page, she also knows about I wouldn't be surprised if she were reading this very thread, actually.

    My opinion of Nina Yoder's my space page is that she is a foolish and immature young woman. She has some really dumb stuff on her pages there. It is also a visually poorly designed page. Her writing style on her blog is lousy.
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    Nope, I do not know her but I do not equate online activity with nursing ability. I've had people tell me they would'nt want me to be "their" nurse over one political view or another and it doesn't mean much as these people don't know me, only my internet postings. Of course I post under a username because that's just smart but still.

    The stupid things you see on nursing students myspace is quite outstanding and I don't see the school going after them.
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    The school chose to go after this Nina though. So she's out of luck.

    I read about a student in the teaching program deied a degree because of myspace

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    The student teacher's suit against the university was denied, btw.

    Court rejects appeal over student-teacher drunk MySpace pics
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    Federal Court hearing canceled:

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