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    She is frightening.
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    Seems to me the biggest mistake she made was to post under her own name and include her location and university affiliation. Most (though not all) of the examples of patient confidentiality violation BBFRN posted were only identifiable because she gave a date ("last night") and because her location was known, and that assumes she didn't change any of those (I usually change time frames, move the age a little, sometimes change gender etc when writing about patients).

    Yoder may have had no sympathy for her suicidal patient but the way she describes she was supportive to the patient's face. God knows I've been pleasant on the outside while on the inside I'm screaming at the patinet to shut up, or stop being such a drama queen, or not complain about something self inflicted. I don't think that makes me a bad nurse.

    Quote from FireStarterRN
    I found her page. She's a lousy, disjointed writer, she has unintelligent racist material there, and her site makes me totally unsympathetic to her.
    True, but I know any number of nurses who write poorly, who are unintelligent and have biases across a range of topics - doesn't necessarily make them bad nurses, either.

    On the baby/birth front - labour does take forever, vaginally delivered babies do look misshapen and (often) blue
    nd unattractive. She went on to say "fifteen minutes later, it turned into a pink, itty bitty baby girl" not "and therefore she ought to die."

    There's fortunately no rule that says we have to like all our patients, respect all our patients, or say only nice things about our patients. I know some members of this group, in other contexts, have expressed distress that some of us have patients we don't like, don't respect, and say nasty things about but I don't recall any of them saying this meant we shouldn't be registered.

    I agree with posters who think Yoder's immature and didn't think things through but I don't think that's reason enough to stall her career. The potential confidentiality issues are another matter, though I think the case for the birth breach is weak - what confidential information was revealed? She didn't say the woman had had sever terminations, the child wasn't the father's, the delivery was by c-section because of her HIV status...
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    And with all her talk of guns, I would've had security check her at the door, too.
    most soldiers and vets do love to talk about their guns.
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    My husband is a vet. He's never blogged about how dumb it was that he couldn't take a gun to school to protect him from all the African-American "humanoids" around campus.
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    She never said African American.
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    C'mon libnat.
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    Well she didn't, there are some ghetto white folks in louisville too.
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    Quote from BBFRN
    My husband is a vet. He's never blogged about how dumb it was that he couldn't take a gun to school to protect him from all the African-American "humanoids" around campus.
    Yeah, neither had my DH...

    Never called his kids creeps either...
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    Quote from libnat
    Well she didn't, there are some ghetto white folks in louisville too.
    Oh OK...our bad...

    I guess it's ok to talk about taking a gun to school to kill ghetto white-folk "humanoids" around campus,

    Thanks for the clarification.
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    She wanted to take a gun to school to protect herself, that is actually a conservative political movement on many college campuses today. No suprise an opininated political person would mention it in their blog, those no guns allowed stickers are really prominent all over campus. As for the African American thing, I was responded to another poster.
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    Last time a student took a gun to campus he shot up a bunch of nursing instructors.

    Yeaaaah, I'm pretty sure that might have something to do with people getting upset over it.

    You know, the more you defend this lady, the worse she comes off. You're not doing her any favors...
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    There was a picture under the "humanoid" caption that has been taken down. It depicted exactly who she was talking about, and it wasn't "white ghetto" people.
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    I've read many stories here on allnurses in the nursing student discussion section here about students being dismissed from their programs at the whim of instructors. Basically, you are at their mercy and it would behoove any student to tread carefully and ingratiate themselves to their school.