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  1. by   libnat
    removing it would admit fault and screw her courtcase.
  2. by   Prettyladie
    everybody on here makes GREAT points, i just wanted to say that she is a good person, and i felt like she was being attacked. i never said she didnt do anything wrong, i just felt the need to take up for her, since ive spoken with her, and she isnt here to defend herself. yes she should take the blog down if she doesnt want all of this controversy to continue, but i just think this is all getting old. its going to turn into a 1000 page thread over nonsense. im sure she has learned from her mistake, and maybe she thinks since its all out in the open she shouldnt have to take down her blog since its already been exposed. thats just my opinion.
  3. by   Preeps
    I hate to be a skeptic but it sounds like she is in major damage control mode. Certainly doesn't sound like the same person who wrote the blog.
  4. by   cardiacRN2006
    Quote from Prettyladie
    this is a conversation btwn me and nina.

    And here's a letter between me and nina too!

    Dear Cardiac, you're right, I'm hateful and now on damage control.

    Prettyladie, anybody can put up a "letter" from nina in hopes to make her look 'good'. There is no fixing her public image at this point;

    In addition to losing her RN education, and probably her CNA, she better hope CPS doens't get wind of her calling her kid a creep every 10 seconds.

    What a nasty women-she's getting everything she deserves. She's not even part of our nursing community and she has tarnished it, and every nursing student.

    She created her own bed, and now she gets to lie in it.
  5. by   CorpsmanRN
    Quote from LandslideRN
    Hello all, and welcome to my first opinionated posting:

    Would I want her as my nurse? No. Why? Because, instead of paying attention in class, she was posting on Myspace (she clearly indicates she was in class while writing that entry). At least once. Who knows what she missed during that long post, and who knows how many other classes she blogs while she should be taking notes and paying attention?
    It's interesting that you find this to be the reason why you would not want her as a nurse. With her experiences as an Army Medic, I'm sure she gets a bit bored in class. I myself find that if it wasn't for the fact that I don't get internet access in my classroom, I would be on the internet at times. I'm a healthcare provider in another branch of service and have done things "only a doctor can do" in the civilian world (I'm reminded often), so when I have to sit through a lecture of how to give IM injections, yeah I'm pretty bored. It's not to say that I never pay attention, because there is a big difference between what I'm allowed to do in the military vs. civilian, and I still have quite a bit of information to learn.
    It still baffles me that people blog so much information for the world to see. It will be very interesting to see how it unfolds.
  6. by   Multicollinearity
    I wonder if it has occurred to Nina Yoder that nurses (and nursing students) shouldn't talk about patients in this manner publicly because it harms the public's perception of nurses and trust for nurses.

    I learned about a couple weeks into nursing school that I wasn't a "civilian" anymore and that I couldn't say certain things the those in general public could say.
  7. by   Preeps
    The bottom line is that what she wrote, felt, expressed was ugliness. Pure and simple. Ugliness.
    There is no way around it and it would be much better if she just admitted it and decided to change . Have a change of attitude. A change of heart. If she wants to take care of people she needs to have some compassion for her fellow man. An internal change would have to take place first. And also for her to just shut up. Yes, stop posting her "thoughts" because at this point, if those are her true feelings it is best that she not share them.
  8. by   BBFRN
    Yoder did not just post information on a public blog about 1 patient (the birth), but several. Here are just some quoted excerpts about her patients:

    ************************************************** ***

    "... But when I got there, they assigned me to be a sitter for a lady who was suicidal. I've already written a blog on Suicide, so those two subjects combined, you can very well see my stance on both.
    Yeah, it will be very sarcastic and skeptical."

    " So check this out. There's this chick, who'd never had to work a day of her life, who got her degree in something freaking useless like Psychology or Sociology or Education, married for 6 years, delving into and out of depression (go figure - in Russia we call it "fat madness" - first you get lazy and fat and then you get crazy and mad), when her hubby had had enough and left her for another chick, who is probably hard-working and happy.
    That was a tough reality hit for her. What? I can't depend on other people anymore? I'll have to make my own living? There will be no one to listen to "boo hoo poor me?"
    So what she does, is she flies home to her mommy. On the airplane (notice the emphasis) she decides to take some pills. And not cyanide, either, like she should have, but Tylenol!!! Note the emphasis.
    Then, as she gets off the plane, unaware that Tylenol can actually kill you (slowly and painfully, cause it rots your liver), she tells her meeting party that she took some pills.
    ***? At least do it like you mean it. Blah blah, she spends some time in the ICU on the ventilator, while the docs pump her full of charcoal as she gags and screams, and now she's back on the regular unit, sucking up some valuable Nurse's Aide time around the clock, so they can sit there and listen to some more of her "boo hoo poor me" instead of taking care of patients who are actually sick."

    " She was a sweet girl, and my job and my life's purpose is to turn useless pieces of human flesh like her into productive human beings."

    " So I put on my compassionate face (If I were more two-faced I'd be Siamese). And I told her "Oh honey, I'm so sorry for you. We'll help you get better. That's what we're here for. Your heartache will pass, and since you are so ******* beautiful (omit the "*******", and she was actually rather pretty), you'll have men drooling over you. You just have to put that smile on your face, cause no man wants to deal with a whiny sad ***** (omit the "whiny" and replace "*****" with woman)." Ah man, if you worked where I worked, you'd be right there with me. It's a typical attention-seeking behavior. If she really wanted to do it, she'd a done it, and in a way more serious way."

    " I've had a "Romeo and Juliet" in the ER once. He was 17 she was 15, they already had a baby, and he apparently got traumatized by their constant fighting and drank... a bottle of NyQuil! I thought it was a great combination of true love and suicide ...
    Another lady came to the ER with Antifreeze breath. Her hubby of many years tried to kill her (where's the love, huh?).
    The guy who REALLY committed suicide, was DOA (Dead On Arrival). See, he meant it, none of this "I want to feed on people's sympathy" crap."

    " I sewed up one little girl's (20-22 yo) arms, cause she got drunk and decided to "kill herself" over a boy. She was very beautiful. It beats me why such a girl would obsess herself over some dude who probably can't put two syllables together. In any case, her wounds were deep, but not deep enough, so she didn't really mean it either.
    Another chick cut herself just for the sake of hurting herself. I sewed her up too. Some people just like pain... Crying over someone during peacetime is quite pathetic, cause there's plenty of others to go around."

    " This rant has been inspired by yet another nursing class today. Our subject was (tough to guess?) Violence. Funny that the teacher mentioned the gangs, because our campus is located in the downtown, right next to most criminal districts of our city. And what's funny is, that most of my classmates (and teachers) feel "safe" there, as per brief survey conducted in class. I was shocked. How can people be so oblivious? How can you feel "safe" in an area inhabited by humanoids who have an average IQ of 10 and whose needs and actions are BASICALLY INSTINCTIVE? As in, all they do is ****, eat, ****, and kill each other."

    " ...that the United States Military could really give them the discipline they need and perhaps turn them toward the right lifestyle, instead of them wandering around town aimlessly on a business day, looking for trouble, searching out (hookers) and crack, shaming the rest of their species, polluting my city, and making my life so much more stressful. I say, let them ******* kill each other. If they ain't smarter than that, then that's what they deserve."

    " First on suicide. I met this nice kid last night who tried to kill himself. Typically, in this situation I'd be saying, whatever, he's just another attention-seeker. But this one seemed to have meant it: he really almost died, spent several days in a coma, after which he came to, ending up on my ward, which is where I met him."

    " ******* kill yourself. But do it right. None of this chugging a bottle of NyQuil and moaning, or scrubbing your wrists slightly with a dull knife. Use a gun. Now I sincerely hope that the poor kid won't read this blog cause I spent most night trying to convince him that he can make something good out of himself. Docs said he was crazy... the docs rushed in to diagnose this perfectly normal, smart, nice, cute kid with schizo and bipolar. Even more disturbing was his view on life. Yeah, he did a bunch of drugs. Yeah, they make you see things... Digging a little deeper, I saw that he was Bible-obsessed. Digging even deeper, I learned that he was the son of a Christian minister. "


    So, anyone else want to say she didn't violate HIPAA? Or that she doesn't say hateful, vile things about her patients?

    I for one, am glad she's gone. Good riddance.

    And let me say one thing about these "humanoids" she describes around the campus. U of L is situated on a designated Health Sciences campus, which not only houses the School of Nursing, but the medical school, 3 hospitals, and lots of clinics-all of which serve the under-served, and are committed to reducing health disparities in the area.

    The "humanoids" she so horrifically describes are local patients and their family members. If she doesn't want to deal with them, then she doesn't have any business attending this particular urban university. I'd rather run in to them than her on campus.

    That being said, how could ANY school administrator, knowing how she feels about the patients she comes into contact with, and knowing that she has repeatedly violated a sacred trust (their privacy and dignity) and the school's honor code, CONTINUE TO EXPOSE THEIR PATIENTS TO HER?

    U of L is an institution whose primary purpose is in providing quality, cutting edge care and research, and in training nurses and physicians to provide that care. Where would they be if they lost the trust their patients have placed in their hands? Why should U of L choose her over their patients and their trust? She put the school in a very bad position, and she has no remorse over her actions.

    She knew exactly what she was doing, and as evidenced by her attitude, she didn't care. She continues to seek attention in the local news on a daily basis, and continues to keep her blog public. Plain and simple, she doesn't think she did anything wrong, and she's enjoying the attention she's getting. Well good for her. Keep seeking the limelight there, because no hospital in town is going to touch her with a 10 foot pole after this. She is repeatedly showing herself to be a huge liablility, and she doesn't seem to care, because she's too busy trying to prove she is right.

    Well, she's not right. I don't want to end up working with her some day, and I don't want her taking care of any of my family members. I don't want her to ever get the chance to call herself "Nurse."

    Her blog is not funny, it's not cute, and it's riddled with HIPAA violations. I support the school's decision 100%.
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  9. by   jm394
    Some external sites with interesting info on this case:

    With a video of Ms. Yoder: 18923747/detail.html

    The text of one of her legal documents:
  10. by   BBFRN
    Quote from jm394

    The text of one of her legal documents:
    Notice the date is missing from this document- her appeal. Anyone want to venture why?
  11. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from BBFRN
    Notice the date is missing from this document- her appeal. Anyone want to venture why?
    do tell, bb....

    slow les
  12. by   BBFRN
    Well, one of her complaints is that she wasn't allowed an appeal hearing. I wonder if she didn't turn this in on time, or if she even turned it in, in the first place.
  13. by   BBFRN
    And here is what she has to say about others at the school:

    ************************************************** **

    "Yep, my Arabic teacher confirmed it. It DOES say "and beat them" in the al-Nisa (women) chapter of the Qur'an, verse 34. The root of the word is "daraba" or "to beat
    “Beautiful, isn’t it?” said my Arabic teacher and laughed. I agreed. His wife wears a hijab, though she is completely American of Swedish descent. I guess some women enjoy being beaten by a religious fanatic. They find it sexy, I guess. So I ask the husband whether he thought that hitting a PMS-ing wife is an appropriate response. Of course not, said the husband. The appropriate response would be to kill the *****.
    So I suggest to you ladies: carry a gun. That even things up a little bit, in case your spouse decides to go Muslim on you."

    *(I highly, highly doubt this professor said these things, BTW. Note how she leaves off the quotes on the "Kill the *****" part.)

    " ...when I walk down the street, clutching my pepper spray (can't have guns on campus, how dumb is that?)..."

    "This one is about a pearl of philosophy given to me during my Nursing Communication class. (Yes, this is yet another rave about the irrationality of a contemporary nurse).
    Our instructor, the sweetest loveliest lady, had been teaching us, future nurses, about compassion and sympathy. You see, we nurses are supposed to be the motherly type to all who come for our help (I'm down with that). We should treat everyone equally, regardless of their gender, race, social status, looks, ethnicity, disease or lifestyle. This includes overweight people, smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc. (I'm down with that too, since after all, I'm all-accepting, forgiving and loving)..."

    "... I was grinning from ear to ear (largely due to the ridiculousness of being surrounded by walking contradictions - intelligent humans who are total morons..."

    " As soon as I uttered those words of truth, the whole room of 39 future nurses nigh exploded. One girl in fact, actually screamed at me something in the area of me not belonging in the sacred profession of nursing because I am being too judgmental and loud-mouthed."

    "**** YA'LL!!! TAKE SOME ******* RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR *******ACTIONS, YOU ********* WHINY *******!!"

    ************************************************** *****

    Does this look like someone who really wants to go to this school? Sounds like she has disadain for just about everybody there. Her fight is not about wanting to be a nurse, or about wanting to go back to this school. It's about proving she's right, and everybody else is wrong.

    And with all her talk of guns, I would've had security check her at the door, too.