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  1. by   FireStarterRN
    I would never label someone 'wonderful' who has some of the crud she has on her myspace page. It's really offensive stuff, and extremely sophomoric.
  2. by   cardiacRN2006
    Quote from Prettyladie
    okay..i didnt readd any of this but the first comment which introduced this topic..
    And you might want to read the thread before posting. I know it's 15 pages, but I read it all before posting. Inform yourself.

    Have you even read her blog???
  3. by   Prettyladie
    im just saying.. personally from talking to her.. she is not who is being protrayed in the media. and what i meant from out of context is reffering to one article stating that she was talking about a woman's child being ugly. im not saying that she didnt violate certaing things, im saying that some of her words were taken out of context..and i dont want to read all 15 pages, because i know nina yoder, so i dont need to inform myself =)
  4. by   cardiacRN2006
    Apparently, you do need to inform yourself.

    You still think we are reacting to how "she is protrayed in the media"

    We are reacting to how SHE protrayed herself.

    Big difference.
  5. by   FireStarterRN
    That's right cardiac. I went to Nina Yoder's pages, she portrays herself negatively. Her blog reflects poorly on her.
  6. by   Anxious Patient
    here is an article dated april 9, i think with some new information. if it's already been posted, sorry i didn't catch it.

    hearing friday for expelled u of l nursing student update - hearing called off

    not that it means anything, but an interesting sidenote is that she's a russian immigrant.
  7. by   FireStarterRN
    Quote from anxious patient
    here is an article dated april 9, i think with some new information. if it's already been posted, sorry i didn't catch it.

    hearing friday for expelled u of l nursing student update - hearing called off

    not that it means anything, but an interesting sidenote is that she's a russian immigrant.
    interesting, 'yoder' is a germanic name. i knew a fellow with the last name of yoder and he had been raised amish.
  8. by   Anxious Patient
    FireStarter, here's the Russian reference that comes from a poster/friend? She's described as one tough cookie.

    Just so you know, Nina is from Russia. So if you take her into the woods with an AK47, you'll have 2 of the best Russian exports. Speaking as someone who has been in the woods with her and an AK, it's good times.
    Nina came from Russia, joined the US Army after 9-11-01 as a Medic, got her US citizenship, and is now trying to become an RN on her GI Bill.
  9. by   Prettyladie
    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    Apparently, you do need to inform yourself.

    You still think we are reacting to how "she is protrayed in the media"

    We are reacting to how SHE protrayed herself.

    Big difference.
    NO..i dont need to inform myself. thanks for the second time. IM completely talking about how the MEDIA in a particular article was talking about her. im not judging on her character or agreeing with anything she did. im saying from me talking with her personally, she didn't come off as the person yall are chastizing. im saying none of you even know her. i could write a lot of different things in a myspace blog, it means nothing. and i think people are getting ridiculously mad over something that is SO trivial. its myspace.. its not like she took somebody's charts and made copies of them and passed them out. im saying this coverage and this thread is overdone...thats just me.. and my personal opinion.
  10. by   Prettyladie
    this is a conversation btwn me and nina.

    Hi Davaion,

    I wholeheartedly thank you for your kind words and for your open-mindedness.

    Absolutely, a lot of what media had been spreading about me had been taken out of context and shamelessly misquoted and misinterpreted. At first I wanted to enter a dispute to have the newspapers correct themselves, but then decided it's not worth it; those who know me and/or actually read my blogs with an open mind, will see that I hold life and freedom sacred, and encourage others to live their lives to the fullest and in continuous self-improvement.

    Granted, the blogs are written in an unorthodox language and with plenty sarcasm. One may think that this is how I communicate with others on daily basis, but those who know me in person, will vouch otherwise.

    What really shocked me in the newspaper was the statement that I wrote "diatribes against Christians and blacks". First, the ignorant assumption that I was writing "against" someone, then the despicable proposal that I was talking about a specific race. I'm not sure how the reporter assumed that it was blacks I was writing about, but that assumption may well reveal his own biases. Having a very large multicultural, multiracial family, 99% of whom are Christian, with everyone embracing each other's differences, I would be hard pressed to write "against" someone I love. My parents, who voted for Obama, may not understand why I voted Libertarian, nor we can come to an agreement on many issues, but despite that, we are family, and we are extremely close.

    As of caring for patients; nursing had not been my choice until I joined the Army and worked as a medic, and saw how much difference I could make in people's lives. Nursing/medicine is not a pretty profession and takes a strong stomach to perform. Strong stomach is something I happen to have, along with profound compassion for people's pain. I've hugged my patients, I've cried with my patients, and I have been as gentle and caring as I could be. I do have my opinions about some common medical problems, but they are being put aside when I face a person who needs my help.

    As of babies being born, my mother told me over and over again that when I was born, I was so ugly (had an umbilical cord nearly strangle me) that she cried for days
    Yep, my own family is that blunt, which doesn't preclude enormous amounts of love. I won't even relay what I loudly commented when my own son was just born

    Again, I thank you for your wishes and for your very kind letter. I hope more people will be as accepting and open-minded as you are.
  11. by   Suz_808
    You know, my opinion on this is.....she may be a completely loving, compassionate, understanding great human being in person and she is just venting and displaying a part of her personality that she needs to get "out there" to relieve her stress or whatever...


    The problem I have with this is.....there's no remorse that she's been misunderstood. The post above that apparently states her words sounds like a press release. In relation to the patient on her blog, if I had been misunderstood to the extent she claims she has been, I would be appalled and be doing everything I could to fix it (maybe take down the page?) and be praying that the woman in question never found out about it. I would really be distressed if I caused a patient of mine an upsetting experience like this. The other point that I think is not answered in her "press release" is the words that she puts out there about certain people, low IQ that can only eat, ****, etc. I just can't find any humor in those comments and can't interpret them in any light but the worst kind.

    To PrettieLadie.....this isn't a witch hunt after poor Nina, she put her words out on the internet and I am sure this thread would be a lot shorter if she had taken down her controversial statements and we couldn't all read them. Also she took the school to court and made this a public issue, she has also given interviews etc to express her view and if you feel the media coverage is unfair, maybe you should contact the people in question. This forum just expresses the views of those in the profession and our opinions of her actions, that are just as valid as her and your own. Lastly I think before you post her "press release" you should at least personally read her MySpace posts so you can accurately comment on them.

    As far as freedom of speech is concerned, I totally agree she has the right to express those views. But the same applies to those that hear it or read it, we can choose to say we don't like it.
  12. by   inthesky

    The only actual mistake was that the description of the pregnant woman was an unwitting HIPPA violation. Her sense of humor is really quite irrelevant unless it manifests in actual nonprofessional conduct with patients. I actually found the entry amusing. I personally enjoy dark humor and sarcasm. Dark humor is definitely not an excuse for racism, but sometimes things can be misunderstood. I don't know this person, so I can't make any character defense. If she is indeed racist, then she is wrong and I hope she one day opens her mind. Calling babies "creeps" doesn't mean she literally hates babies; it's a joke. The tone in her entry is no more offensive than an episode of South Park. Nurses in general are so good and tolerant to patients, but can be intolerant and judgmental with their peers.

    :deadhorse(I'm using this icon because it makes me laugh; I don't hate horses.)
  13. by   Suz_808
    I also enjoy dark humor and sarcasm. I find it hard to believe you can get within months of graduating and do such a unwitting HIPPA violation. It is drummed into your head from day one. Discussing a patient + the internet = probably a bad idea.

    I mainly think it is a lack of judgement. Reminds me of teenagers, of which I have two and between them and their friends I see things like.... "I can dress goth and act and talk like I want and it's just not fair that teachers/employers give me a hard time about it." This may be true but displaying a real lack of maturity about how the world really works.

    She may be really like she portrays herself in her blog or not....but her actions are displaying a real lack of maturity/judgement/forethought either way. I think the main thing I don't understand is she is aware of the possible HIPPA violation in her blog but she has still not removed it, read "damage control". Hard to argue your way back into school on the basis that you havent't undone the misdeed you were kicked out for and will only do that once you have been readmitted.