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    Quote from BeeNursey10
    That racist pig! i hope she never ever becomes a nurse.
    i read her myspace page and it's clear that she's a racist. i'm glad UL nursing school got rid of her. nurses are supposed to be non judgmental. can you imagine if she was a nurse after reading her page? why do people like this want to become nurses knowing the possibility of having a minority as a pt?

    1) Freedom of speech...
    2) A LOT of people join nursing for the money. Unless you intend to start volunteering all of your time.
    3) Nurses are supposed to be nonjudgmental??? Or are they just supposed to hide it? Is it even possible for people to be 100% nonjudgmental?
    4) You are judging her... Just saying...

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    'racist pig' IS a little strongly worded.

    I agree, we should hide our character deficits from patients. We can't expect sainthood from nurses. We should expect a certain basic level of good judgement. I would say this woman demonstrated a lack thereof.
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    Quote from firestarterrn
    why would someone send their self a racist email?
    i haven't done mental health rotation, but my guess would be some sort of munchhausin (spelling, sorry) bid for attention.
  5. 1 finally I read her blog.... opinion is that school try to let her go not because of HIPAA but because of her personality and to give a exmple to other potential nurses about what means professional nusring style and obediance! She is a bitter one for sure, looool but you could not tell that could not be a good nurse.
    We need professional nurses! But we need GOOD NURSES FIRST! But what means professional nurses? To say YES SIR and bend the head, to talk nicely or pray? She came from army probably she is enough fulfilled with yes Sir, may be she has many other problems... who knows.... before to let her go someone talk wit her???? Or was easiest just to pushing her out?

    She need a good lawyer. Hey she is a gurl who was in US army and fight for this country, in the time when others made "professional rules" staying cozy at home and for nurses good looking! This gurl need a chance!
    The school made a big case from it to give an exmple to others! She is for sure a very pain in the ass, lool and... she is a bad mouth, a very bad one, looooool, but is just her personality that helped her to survive.
    She didn't do no one any bad think, just to her self, she need to be let to finish her school is her dream and whatever bad she is she gain this right beeing in US army!

    She make some waves with her opinions, well..... is happen, is first amendament, freedom of speach, not all of us can talk and be eternal love and hapiness, she choosed the other side (because she hate her self and life in what she is, look at her how she looks in video is haunted by all, and she was in the front of guns for good wellness of people that now haunt her). We can't tell that she is a bad nurse until we don't give her a chance.

    She dosen't need to be excluded she need a good counsel, a good lawyer and give her a chance! She didn't do much more worst than many others. Give her a chance! heartbeatheartbeat
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    Am I the only one seeing the satire/humor here. She's not the best writer but the style is good.
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    I see nothing humorous in the least. I didn't go to her site because the article was enough for me. Frankly she turns my stomach. And her juvenile and naive though process makes me wonder how she was ever accepted into, let alone passed classes in the first place. Her critical thinking skills are non existent.
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    Yup is pretty good, scarry than good, someone could say, loooool. I will read much more her blog, at the first impression, this gurl is damn smart, strong personality, well weird... for me... is truly scarry, lool, but that not means to make her guilty, is how she is. She need help not judgements, she need to come back to nursing school and to balance her self somehow, without trying to change her or obey not the purpose of humanity AT ALL! Her rats and skeletons scarried me to death, ooooh my God, but even like that we need to belive in her she could be a awesome nurse!
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    On the same type of note, a few people have been fired recently from where I work because they were trash talking the hospital by name on myspace.....some people just need to think before they type..
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    Quote from Flatbelly
    Whatever she wrote on that blog, it may be pure fiction, people often use blogs to express a completely made-up personality. For all we know, she may be a great aide and a fine student, who amuses herself writing shocking nonsense on Myspace.
    Does it really matter to you if its fiction? That makes no sense. Someone can get online and write awful things like that, but it is okay as long as it was someone writing fiction to shock or amuse? If this were all some sort of gimmick then she should have known better.

    Quote from Atheos

    1) Freedom of speech...
    2) A LOT of people join nursing for the money. Unless you intend to start volunteering all of your time.
    3) Nurses are supposed to be nonjudgmental??? Or are they just supposed to hide it? Is it even possible for people to be 100% nonjudgmental?
    4) You are judging her... Just saying...
    Umm, there is a big difference between being judgmental and a complete racist/bigot (I have seen her myspace page and her racism is evident).

    Listen folks, as a nurse, you are supposed to carry yourself a certain way. Whether you are on the clock or not. For everyone here that is defending this person, shame on you. Would this conversation be happening if this were a police officer? I am sorry, but I would rather not have someone like that making life/death decisions. If I were made aware of any nurse taking care of my family who spouts that kind of nonsense, I would insist on being given another nurse.

    Freedom of speech. Please. Look it up. It is not what you think. Let me be clear: in the United States of America, you DO NOT have the right to say anything you want, anytime you want without repercussions. That right does not exist in this country or any other. The first amendment only states that "congress shall not enact any law that abridges freedom of speech". No law was enacted. No one was arrested. No one went to jail. She was kicked out of school. Her "rights" were not violated. Case law going all the way to the supreme court has established that when there is a "clear and present danger" to the public you have to watch your mouth i.e. no shouting fire in crowded theater as a joke. Maybe its not clear to everyone, but allowing a racist nut job to be a nurse is a clear and present danger to the public.

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