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careful with your myspace/facebook/blogs. (article in its entirety)... Read More

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    Yoder's claim that her outside opinions don't creep into clinicals remind me of a sign in a small auto repair garage, " We rip off the other guy and pass the savings on to you."

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    even if she does have a case her personality is sickening. It is common sense that potential employers,classmates, etc view your myspace/facebook/blog pages so you should keep it professional for your benefit.
    I do not see how someone like her could be a good nurse once they are licensed. You can fake certain things in school, no matter your major. She is showing her true nature on her postings and if you cannot be yourself in your career you will be unhappy. How do we know she won't be biased and provide substandard care to someone she is prejudiced against?
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    Quote from multicollinearity
    By reading the news story, I was fired up that this might be a really serious violation of the nursing student's first amendment rights. Then it occured to me that universities tend to be staffed by smart people who know what they are doing. So I went to Myspace and found Nina Yoder's page. (It's easy to find - just search by her name.)

    According to her entry on her Myspace, as a part of her OB rotation, she was assigned to find a pregnant woman and follow that woman's care and delivery. She says she did that, and that this pregnant woman was someone she worked with in an ER. She then goes on to describe the labor and delivery of this woman's baby in disrespectful and disgusting terms.

    Imagine how this woman would feel to know her delivery experience that she was so kind to let a student in on was described this way, publicly, on the internet. This was a violation because the woman in the entry is identifiable.
    This reminds me of a story from the early days of e-mail, when a black dental student at the same university I attended started receiving vicious, racist e-mails.

    It didn't take a lot of detective work to figure out she was sending them to herself.

    She was expelled immediately.

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    The blaring question beyond the freedom of speech issue. . . would i want her as my nurse, or my family and friends? No way.

    But I agree that is not the issue. Still she shows an extreme lack of judgment, not to mention empathy and compasion. Does this lack of judgment have possible consequences in her decison making as a nurse???
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    She violated the grandma rule:

    Whatever you write or post on any electronic medium (email, blog etc) should be something that your grandmother would be proud to read or share with another person.

    She would be a legal trainwreck as an employee.
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    Quote from rph3664
    This reminds me of a story from the early days of e-mail, when a black dental student at the same university I attended started receiving vicious, racist e-mails.

    It didn't take a lot of detective work to figure out she was sending them to herself.

    She was expelled immediately.

    Why would someone send their self a racist email?
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    Quote from FireStarterRN
    Why would someone send their self a racist email?
    Who knows?
    Sometimes people do things like that just for attention.
    But if I were to guess, if she was on the verge of failing or getting kicked out of dental school, I'd suspect that she might have been trying to set the stage for some type of "hostile learning environment" type of defense. But that's only my guess based on the info given.

    Back to Yoder:
    I agree that the school did the right thing in dismissing her from the program. Her brutal account of her clinical alone "Then she took out this huge-a$$ 10 inch needle and jammed it into her spine!" really got to me. And any nursing assistant going through an RN program who claims that 99% of clinicals are a waste of time is either going to a really bad school or thinks that they already know enough to work as RN's with their CNA backgrounds, which would make for one dangerous new grad RN.

    With that said, I can't help but be a little hesitant about entities such as schools of nursing having too much power and to be able to selectively enforce vaguely written codes of conduct.

    I can't find the thread about it now, but I remember when the Texas Board of Nursing went way too far in digging into the personal life of a nurse and her divorce.

    What if I went to a particular religious-affiliated nursing school and right before graduation, happened to mention on my facebook/myspace page that I attended the local gay pride parade only to get dismissed from the program for conduct that they felt was not consistent with their religious views/mission?

    Again, I agree with the school's decision on this particular case for obvious reasons, but I just worry that a case like this could really open the door and set a precedent for future cases and give schools/employers/boards of nursing too much power.
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    Quote from sirI
    The premise of her lawsuit is a "trash defense". In other words, so many other internet users trash individuals/entities, why can't I?...
    Oh, I thought it meant SHE is trash and so we should excuse her behavior because she doesn't know any better. Just kidding!

    Seriously, this woman makes me think "ick" the more I read. She really needs to learn to keep her trashy mouth shut and just think trashy thoughts if she feels the need.
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    That racist pig! i hope she never ever becomes a nurse.
    i read her myspace page and it's clear that she's a racist. i'm glad UL nursing school got rid of her. nurses are supposed to be non judgmental. can you imagine if she was a nurse after reading her page? why do people like this want to become nurses knowing the possibility of having a minority as a pt? i bet she was in it for the money and job security. now suppose the woman who had the baby took down the names of every nurse that took care of her and her baby (pts. do this sometimes.) and did a search on myspace, bebo, or whatever and came across this? she could sue her behind and the school. i just thank GOD for intervening when he did. the school made the right choice in dismissing her.

    Thank you God!
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    I find the bashing in this thread ugly. No one knows this girl in person. Whatever she wrote on that blog, it may be pure fiction, people often use blogs to express a completely made-up personality. For all we know, she may be a great aide and a fine student, who amuses herself writing shocking nonsense on Myspace.
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