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This is very sad as we really need more Chinese speaking nurses here. What is even sadder is that as an immigrant, I am all to familiar with the xenophobia here in NZ. English is my first language... Read More

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    I actually have a friend who is Filipina. She has her BSN from her Country. She was taking her Master program here in America. I have a BSN. She sent me one of her school papers to critique. OMG, it looked like it was written by a 5th grader. I am not kidding. The miss spelled words, sentence structure were all wrong. I RE-DID her paper. She had no clue regarding the mistakes she made. YES, she got that Masters, but I guess I should have gotten one right along with her. I did mostly ALL her papers....or rather I critiqued them for her the entire 2 years of her school. I must say she is an EXCELLENT RN but her writing skills are horrific. While I was critiquing the papers I DID try to help her learn proper sentence structure, spelling, and punctuations. Hopefully she has learned a little bit.
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    LuLu2008 - I think that is the whole point. Clamping down on poor communication before patient safety is affected. The Nursing Council in NZ has received many complaints re: communication issues. I guess they are putting the hard word on the Universities - re standards. Rightfully so!!!
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    It's going to be hard to elevate the standards when the actual enforcers are not very good communicators!
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    Just a comment on male nurses doing personal care (F/C, impactions, etc) on female patients. I have been asked several times to insert a F/C after one of my female coworkers failed to complete the procedure. I don't want to brag but I am pretty good at inserting catheters. If a female objects, no problem. They can go without or we can try to find another female nurse who can give it a try. I would think that we would all be over this kind of thing. I haven't had a prostate exam by a male doctor in years. My female docs have always done well. Please no flames. I would always honor patient prefrences in such personal matters.
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    So if a female patient objects to you putting in a catheter...she can just go without????? Is that what I am hearing? Maybe you are putting in catheters in 80 year old females with dementia. They are the ones who would not care at all. Then again, if they object...maybe you can just put a diaper on them...and she can go without a foley....hahaha
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    This thread has veered off-topic for several pages. And, back and forth barbs making it personal.

    Closed for review.
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