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Layoffs, business closings and dismal financial forecasts dominate the news. Many once-strong economic sectors are in critical condition, yet the prognosis for the nursing job market is not only... Read More

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    I was just licensed last month (yay!) and have been looking for work and am discouraged already. YES, I knew the new grad market was very, very tight, especially here in Northern California and other desired urban areas. Just really miss being with patients and families! Because I really did go into this for the love of it!

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    Hey Out There!!!! When will the US recognize the military medical training and experience? And I'm not talking about core classes! When will our years of experience be recognized by any civilian entity? Haven't we signed the dotted line in part to stand up for this country? I've been an Air Force enlisted medic for 20 years, with experience from clinical to Med ICU. I've dedicated my life to this career. I do believe there may be some academic information I must acquire, but not a degree's worth of schooling! In order to continue my nursing profession at the level I am used to performing I must bow down to the civilian educational system and begin at square 1. It is unbelievable that our 'civilian' sect won't give us any credit for the high quality care we are trained to provide to our military beneficiaries. I suggest our Commander in Chief and all state nursing board organizations review enlisted military training and at the least, implement performance based testing for clinical procedures and management. To institute this recognition would not only expedite the availability of experienced nursing professionals into the workforce, it would validate the capabilities of our military nursing services. But for now, I'll be thankful I can take the 2 year + break to attend school for free. Maybe I can even teach my classmates a thing or two! Please respond if you are experiencing similar frustrations...
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    Quote from sunray12
    The other issue is the money - not the fact that there are too many people in nursing school. If nurses were cheaper they would be getting hired. Instead it is the cna's/techs that are getting hired on the spot not the RN's.
    I've just found out that I may have a chance to train and get certified as a CNA while I'm waiting for a spot to open up in nursing school. IMO this will be some good "hands-on" training for being an RN, even though it's not required to become an RN here...... Main CNA training requirement is that you must already have your NS prerequisites done, which I have.

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